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  1. Installation intuitive and connectivity couldn't be simpler for Win 8.1/Interactive Brokers. Beginning to learn the product and replicate functionality used in QuoteTracker. Please include the following indicators if possible: Volatility Stop - On the chart In QuoteTracker I select hide the indicator and show the value -- the value shows on the right scale with my selected color of the indicator, but the indicator does not show on the chart. In MT, when I select hide the indicator and show the value, both the indicator and value are hidden. Could MT be changed as it is helpful to see
  2. Jerry, Just happened on your notice in the support forum at QT this afternoon. May I please try the MT beta download. Currently using QT with Interactive Broker and opened an account with TD to keep it .... never found a decent replacement for futures trading. So excited to hear you are back and will have a coding function similar to paintbars!!! I have QT running on Windows PC and on Mac in Windows emulator. Thanks for such a timeless product. Karen
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