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  1. It would work only if the dividend frequency is known, possibly from the data stream or maybe the user could set edit some local static data for each stock, one being the dividend frequency: monthly, quarterly, biannually, annually.
  2. I'd take the yearly dividend rate from historical data, or the payment x frequency depending on what is available. Example: IBM paid $1.10 per quarter = $4.40 yearly, if I bought my shares for $100 then my actual yield is 4.40% I'm not sure how you could deal with dividend updates. I'm not sure if and when the new payment rate is available in the data? Example: IBM recently raised they quarterly dividend to $1.30 = $5.20 yearly, my same shares are now yielding 5.20%
  3. Hi I would be great if the account view could display an actual dividend yield column based on the paid price. Thanks MT is awesome!
  4. Hi Rather than just "All News" or "Symbol News" it would be great to have a "Portfolio News" and also "Account News". Basically the same "All News" functionality but filtered down to symbols of a specific "Portfolio" or "Account". Many Thanks MT is awesome!
  5. Hi When multiple brokers / trading accounts are configured it would be great to be able to display the account views simultaneously, rather than having to switch using the drop down. Many Thanks MT is awesome!
  6. Hi It would begreat if you could add the "ATR Trailing Stop" indicator to the main chart. with possibility to apply a multiple of the ATR or a percentage of the ATR. Many Thanks MT is awesome!
  7. Hi Jerry On the 24th, I was able to Short a stock. But then when I tried to Cover I got a dialog box saying the command was not valid or recognized by TD Ameritrade. On a side note, I am very pleased with MT when compared to QT.
  8. Hi Jerry Still using QuoteTracker to this day. I was so happy to learn a few months back that you were working on a new software. I can't wait to have access to the beta. Thanks Bernie
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