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  1. The Scan and scan date column in a watchlist is acting a little funny in that with a new watchlist there is no option to pick a scan column or scan date from the column chooser. Only after a scan is initiated on the new watchlist does the two columns show up and then you can manage them with the column chooser.
  2. Thanks Jerry, So that I understand: If I create a scan in normal mode (not advanced) and for example a VWAP crossing and a Previous close crossing get triggered, within the same parameter trigger clear time (say 2 minutes) then both will show their individual alert text in two different watch list columns. So the watchlist will dynamically grow and shrink in width as symbols trigger two alerts? I'll do some experimenting. regards, Rob
  3. On the latest beta 30.2, I see the new item " ADDED - SCANS - Multiple Results! Can now nave multiple results that show in multiple columns" but I dont see anything in column chooser or scan creation to make this happen. Can you please give some details? Thanks, Rob
  4. If I remember correctly the Volume by Price Detailed study on an intraday chart used to have on the "select period" drop down the choice of "visible" as one of the selections just like the VbP on a daily or weekly chart has this selection. This is useful for example to set the chart to an inflection point on a hourly stock chart to see the volume by price bars from that point on. That is where all the new buyers or sellers came in after that event. It could even be like a anchored VWAP where you set the date of start of the indicator. Can this be added back in? regards, Rob
  5. When I add a Volume by Price Detailed study to an intraday chart and select the period to "option expiration" the chart looks like it includes the volume of the previous fridays option expiration month to the next period of option Volume by Price calculations. Shouldn't the volume start adding up on the Monday after a Friday option expiration. regards, Rob
  6. user option to set "N" only for a particular individual alert line would do it! I 'd still like the default to be long term but have the ability to select which line alerts I would want to automatically clear out at the end of each day. Also, didnt realize alert lines had a shelf life. So if I set an alert line for a stock that isnt watched everyday I could miss my buy point, etc if the alert is older than 120 days? Maybe also have an option to set it to "until canceled"?
  7. Realizing that it would be nice to set intraday trendlines and alert trendlines with an option to have them disappear/clear at the end of the trading day. I set alert lines for intraday trading, forget or don't bother clearing them at the end of the day and then have them meaninglessly alert me in the following days.
  8. I like the idea of more hot keys especially as it pertains to chart trading. Half order , double order etc and conditional orders directly from a chart window.. Also a "Backfill all open charts" would be great first thing in the morning. I always have issues with open charts not automatically backfilling after startup and I have to manually hit the backfill button on each individual chart. I've programmed an Elgato Stream Deck with alot of keyboard shortcuts so additional ones would be great. Goal is one hand on mouse and one on the Stream Deck and avoid the keyboard all together during fast
  9. I'm getting more used to it with some overall size adjustments but wish the P&L portion was size adjustable independently to make it a little smaller relative to the big trading capsule
  10. FIXED - CHARTS - TRADING - Increasing Trace Capsule font did not increase the font on the total/P&L portion Oh, not liking the new trading capsules P&L portion in the latest beta. The overall capsule seems a lot more invasive on the chart space. Making overall capsule font size smaller helps but then to me the close position "c" gets tiny. Maybe make the "C" circle bigger. Make the "C" and the "A" pegged circles the same size as the cancel order "X" which seems larger. The C,A, and X circles don't change size much with the capsule font size adjustment in the settings.
  11. I notice that when I start up MT very early AM I get chart info at 5 AM loading from TD Ameritrade but if I start up MT later in the morning on a different day and do a MT chart backfill it only goes back to 7AM. Is there any way to adjust this to get all the backfill to 5 or 4 AM? Also it seems I've most always had to do a manual backfill on MT startup to get the open charts all backfilled. Do I have a setting wrong? Also, Is it possible to do a "Backfill All Open Charts" Ctrl+"" button so that I wont have to manually backfill each open chart? Thanks, Rob
  12. Been noticing the VWAP line on a AMTD TOS chart is quite a bit different than the VWAP line on the same chart in MT. I understand that MT is using OHLC data for calculating this as otherwise selecting "Streaming Tick Quotes" is a big system hog. Also notice if I turn off the pre market display on the chart VWAP gets a little closer but still like .5 % difference. Is this as close as can be expected and can the VWAP calculation be set to not include the pre market data if thats causing this discrepancy? Thanks, Rob
  13. Wilbur, though I'm an engineer, coding in C will have too much of a learning curve for me right now so wish I could figure out that "% near" another way!
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