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  1. Was trying to recreate a scan like in the following post but in the simple editor the greater than and less than functions seem to work opposite and counter intuitive but in advance mode they seem to make sense. From the previous "Heiken Ashi Red to Green Scan Help" post it seems intuitive that for detecting a red bar the simple code would be "if(Close (5) < Open 5 return - but it seems to work the opposite as shown by Mike below but seems to work when I type it in this way: urn - But in advance mode his code makes sense where the Close < Open (5). Am I missing something?:
  2. ok Jerry thanks again. Key was like you said move the sections in the portfolio above sub total as the editor doesnt control that order.
  3. yes but sub cat "energy" doesnt show up at all and the sub cat Finance doesnt have the JPM and BAC in it?
  4. Jerry, I still cant figure it out. Here is what I put in the portfolio editor and this is what I get out a a portfolio.
  5. also while I'm at it the sub categories work a little funky if I want a portfolio of all sub categories (no symbols by themselves). That is I've found that I have to put a fake symbol "****" as the first item in a portfolio to be able to then add a bunch of --- sub categories to the portfolio. Otherwise the top sub category seems to disappear as sub categories are added under it.
  6. When putting sub categories in a portfolio for example (--- Energy) the expansion/contraction triangle to the left of the sub category seems to work differently than normal expansion/contraction functionality I use on most other programs. When I click on the triangle to the left of sub category "Energy" the sub category above it contracts but all the symbols in "Energy" stay expanded. I would have to go the the next sub category below "Energy" and click that triangle to get "Energy" to contract. Not a big deal but this functionality seems a little counter intuitive. Thanks and regards, Rob
  7. The Scan and scan date column in a watchlist is acting a little funny in that with a new watchlist there is no option to pick a scan column or scan date from the column chooser. Only after a scan is initiated on the new watchlist does the two columns show up and then you can manage them with the column chooser.
  8. Thanks Jerry, So that I understand: If I create a scan in normal mode (not advanced) and for example a VWAP crossing and a Previous close crossing get triggered, within the same parameter trigger clear time (say 2 minutes) then both will show their individual alert text in two different watch list columns. So the watchlist will dynamically grow and shrink in width as symbols trigger two alerts? I'll do some experimenting. regards, Rob
  9. On the latest beta 30.2, I see the new item " ADDED - SCANS - Multiple Results! Can now nave multiple results that show in multiple columns" but I dont see anything in column chooser or scan creation to make this happen. Can you please give some details? Thanks, Rob
  10. If I remember correctly the Volume by Price Detailed study on an intraday chart used to have on the "select period" drop down the choice of "visible" as one of the selections just like the VbP on a daily or weekly chart has this selection. This is useful for example to set the chart to an inflection point on a hourly stock chart to see the volume by price bars from that point on. That is where all the new buyers or sellers came in after that event. It could even be like a anchored VWAP where you set the date of start of the indicator. Can this be added back in? regards, Rob
  11. When I add a Volume by Price Detailed study to an intraday chart and select the period to "option expiration" the chart looks like it includes the volume of the previous fridays option expiration month to the next period of option Volume by Price calculations. Shouldn't the volume start adding up on the Monday after a Friday option expiration. regards, Rob
  12. user option to set "N" only for a particular individual alert line would do it! I 'd still like the default to be long term but have the ability to select which line alerts I would want to automatically clear out at the end of each day. Also, didnt realize alert lines had a shelf life. So if I set an alert line for a stock that isnt watched everyday I could miss my buy point, etc if the alert is older than 120 days? Maybe also have an option to set it to "until canceled"?
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