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  1. Since new beta I've been getting these trade bubbles left over from the previous stock that was shown on the chart. See the 200's in the pic below. Trade indicators seem to carry over from previous symbol's trades on chart .
  2. normal level alerts, etc are working with a pop up box
  3. On this mornings beta update the trade fill alerts dont seem to be working. I have a ding set for fills at AMTD in the alert editor, its showing active, but no pop ups or dings go off when a trade is filled.
  4. After this mornings beta update on chart trading the sell capsule no longer shows the potential profit on the top of the capsule of the order depending on where the sell order is placed. DOM still shows this working
  5. Troubles across the board today with AMTD. Not MT
  6. After loading new beta today I noticed that my alert that I had set for trade confirmations thru AMTD had disappeared. I did this so long ago that dont remember exactly how I did it but thought it was thru alert editor but now have no idea how to reset?? Nice to have a ding when trades go thru.
  7. I think I had mentioned this before but on a daily minute chart's Volume by Price indicator it would be really helpful if I could see as one of my pull down period settings the option for "Visible" just like is done on the Historical charts Volume by price indicator. This way, for example, on a daily 5 minute chart for the SPY I can adjust the charts period slider to just go back to March 23 and see exactly what levels all the volume from that date forward are at. With choices of only 1 or 2 weeks or months you cant get that granularity. thanks, Rob
  8. Jerry, seems to be intermittent as L2 will disappear then come back and B/A will take a while to catch up to real time. On laptop its solid . Have several watchlists of approx combined 120 stocks but bear min of change % rng % and Gap% columns.
  9. tried reloading SW - no change. Notice Level 2 window blank but when open MT on Laptop, same rev, everythings fine?
  10. actually its delayed after a restart as well
  11. Been noticing at the beginning and end of day the quotes on MT have been off from what I see on Think or swim which are accurate. I first assumed it was AMTD external server issues as they seem to be having problems but if I restart MT the quotes on MT go back to correlating with AMTD real time?
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