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  1. It would be nice if when two horizontal lines overlap each other that one of their labels automatically offsets itself so that you can see both labels side by side.
  2. It would be nice to have an option in the order submission notification selection that allows you to just have a ding sound and not have a window pop up that you have to click in to confirm each time an order is confirmed from the broker.
  3. I have same problem - will try restart . using AMTD and Win 7
  4. Something I found useful: If you like having a trading authentication password on your Medved Trader but don't like the hassle and delay of typing it in right before your first trade of the day can be sent - do this: After opening Medved trader up for the day, open a DOM window and hit the Cancel All button at the bottom. It will pop up the authentication window allowing you to enter your password for the day without having to enter a trade. That way your first trade of the day will be sent without having the authentication window pop up. If youve found a better way please reply
  5. I love using the trading capsules on charts to trade ( maybe cause I;m right brained) but is there a possibility the send, cancel and pegged buttons can be larger relative to the capsule itself or size selectable relative to the capsule size?. Yes, enlarging the capsule itself helps but then they take over my chart when I have a few buy capsules waiting in the wings. When I'm trying to do quick trades sometimes I fumble around trying to hit the send order check mark button. thanks, Rob
  6. Historical chart pre market candle is showing todays value on yesterdays candle . This is similar to an issue a few weeks ago. Using AMTD data and win 7 machine with latest beta code. regards
  7. yes so if I set the period to 52 weeks to indicate a high on the historical chart it would correlate to a 52 week rolling high level on other vendor charts and MT's 52 high line on a minute chart. thanks!
  8. Ive done basic paintbars but not the advanced ones where you are writing code. I love a good challenge but I'm not going to have the time to get up to speed and troubleshooting advanced paintbars any time soon. thanks
  9. I can place a horizontal line on a 5 minute chart that shows the 52 week high or low but how can you do this on a historical chart? The historical chart indicator has the horizontal line selection but no selection for 52 week high or low. I can select a yearly high but thats not the same as a rolling 52 week level?
  10. thanks - hope its nothing stupid on my part wasting your time!
  11. ok captured before market open and just sent via "wetransfer" to support @medved... thanks
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