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  1. Thank you for your reply. However, with "all weird stuff" happening in the world of computing these days, I would REALLY feel uncomfortable giving away my account and password info. Maybe there is another way to do it. Could you work it out through a "dummy" account? I don't know if BMO will do it, but I can ask if I can create such account for, let's say, paper-trading.
  2. Hi Jerry, I noticed that you have RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) as a data provider. I trade with BMO Investorline (BMO stands for Bank of Montreal) in Canada. Would it be possible to add it to the choice list? If not, what information do you need to make it so? Thanks for a great fantastic software! Peter
  3. Got it.... Thanks Jerry! Geez, you're efficient! If only our politicians and "financial advisors" were as effective as you are JK
  4. Hi Jerry, I had to change my "old" computer. I thought I backed up my stuff through Windows but I guess I screwed up. Lost many files. Would it be possible to get a "fresh" copy of Medved Trader? Thank you! JK
  5. Here is what I found on their website: Powerful tools for powerful investors. To help you stay on top of the markets and make better-informed investing decisions, you'll have access to: Market Streamer - a customizable, user-friendly, dynamic data tool that provides access to reliable, real time streaming quotes for stocks, ETFs, options and indices on all major North American exchanges. Robust features including market movers, advanced charting and custom watchlists. Level II Quotes - real-time quotes of the bid and ask orders, which show you the depth of the market. Real-time Quotes throughout the site - immediate access to real-time trading information to keep you on top of the markets. Stop Orders and Alerts - trailing stops, hard stops, sell on stop orders, buy on stop orders and alerts to help protect your profits. So it seems they offer streaming data, I am considered to be an "active trader", so I have access to real-time data in my portfolio. However, I don't know if they would be willing to share the data with a US company like MT. I don't know enough about programming and the requirements of MT, but is there a way for you to use their streaming quotes and import them in MT? PS: When they say "advanced charting", well it's nothing short of being quite basic charting, so MT would be far... far superior!
  6. Hi Jerry, I was a "happy camper" and long time fan of QT. Time now to switch to MT... However, I trade mostly the Canadian TSX (about 80% of portfolio) and the US markets (20%). I trade using BMO Investorline. Would it be possible to add BMO as a source provider for quotes and trading? If not, what other Canadian providers are you planning to add?
  7. In QT, there was an excellent "trend-price alert" system. So whenever the close of the chosen period crossed (above/below) a certain threshold an alert was triggered (popup, audio, etc.). That alert could also be triggered via indicators, paintbar, etc. Can I suggest you add a similar tool in MT? Thanks for reading!
  8. Hi Jerry, I'm an unconditional fan of yours and have been using QT for so many years... I had to dye my hair since! Is there a way to get a Beta copy of your new baby? I'm a looong time investor, and would like to give you a hand at working with it. Thank you for all you do! JK
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