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  1. FYI, if it is of any help... Summary link: http://www.smh.com.au/business/markets/quotes?code=bhp&section=summary Course of Sales link: http://www.smh.com.au/business/markets/quotes?code=bhp&section=sales History link: http://www.smh.com.au/business/markets/quotes?code=bhp&section=history Cheers
  2. OK, I took the data out (file too big)...sending
  3. Yes, there is still a gap in the charts from 10AM to 11AM.
  4. Hi I thought you might like an update now that Syd & Mel are back to AEDT. The "market closes in" and time (as well as system time) are all correct including auto adjust for daylight savings, however the portfolio icons and charts are not updating, even though the data retrieval is working fine (raw data has correct date and time). What would you like me to send from my system? Cheers
  5. Right click on the volume and select Edit Parameters for Volume to open the parameters by Volume dialogue. The Scale by Max checkbox is in the centre of the dialogue box. HTH Cheers
  6. It's done with "SendKeys", so requires a Hotkey setup.
  7. Hi, can you add the default to Export/Backup for selection of Data and Tech Support, please? When you add hotkeys, I will use a script to automatically run the export process before closing MT following portfolio backfill after end of day trading. Thanks.
  8. PaulDee

    XJO Live Feed

    Appears to be working nicely now, thankyou.
  9. PaulDee

    XJO Live Feed

    Yes, it's all of them, which won't work if you can only parse specific data instead of a page full. However, it needed suggestion.
  10. PaulDee

    XJO Live Feed

    Sure, the OP asked for another live data source for ASX indices. http://www.tradingroom.com.au/apps/mkt/index.ac Yes, the html saved page is 87k but that is from the IE browser...if that helps.
  11. PaulDee

    XJO Live Feed

    Build 1.0.7996.2301? I will have to get that after market close but the release notes don't show any changes to index collection. Do you want me to send you what I have on TradingRoom?
  12. PaulDee

    XJO Live Feed

    It would help if you could add TradingRoom Australia to your data source list to include Australian Indices as they are live and work fine with QT, since the CommSec indices don't update. $XJO:ASX
  13. Hi, JM! I hate to revisit an old thread but wanted to renew my request for hotkeys to Backfill All in a portfolio window and Exit MT, if you could look into it for me, please? Thankyou PD.
  14. Hotkeys in order to run a script would be useful, too. Cheers
  15. Hi Is there a possibility of adding a feature that will give the user the ability to enter a parameter for the precise amount of the start and the end of a line to draw, please? This would also be useful for when the alert system becomes available. Thanks
  16. Sorry, no, I put that incorrectly...what I meant was that when I switch frequencies from say 15 mins to 60 mins it brings more data onto the chart showing more days. Does that sound right? ... Ahhh, OK, if I set the period on the chart to 4 days instead of 200 bars, for example (I'm not sure how that got there as I use the scroll bar for showing different amounts of chart data), it displays the correct period for whichever frequency I select. In other words, using the chart period of hours or days (instead of bars) displays the same number of hours or days on the chart regardless of which frequency you select. So, a chart of 4 days at 15 mins would still show 4 days when selecting 60 mins as the frequency. However, when displaying a chart of 200 bars at 15 mins for example (about 8 days), switching to a frequency of 60 mins will still display 200 bars but span the chart over some 30 days or so, since each bar is now 60 mins in duration. Therefore, I answered my own question but thought it might be worth noting for anyone else who's interested...or has accidentally switched the chart period to bars instead of hours. I hope that makes sense. Cheers
  17. Alright, done, works well, thankyou. Quick question though, it now changes the hours/number of bars too, is this correct? Cheers
  18. Update...I noticed another anomaly of sorts and although not significantly important, since you mentioned that the issue was not just charts, I thought it was worth bringing to your attention. When I adjust the intraday chart display size for number of hours by clicking and dragging the thumb resize handle on the scroll bar or dragging the thumb along the scroll bar, using the hot keys to change the chart frequency has no effect until after clicking back on the chart. I'll let you decide the importance of whether this requires attention. Cheers
  19. Might be wise to wait for after 11:00AM AEDT...maybe Lapa (Queensland) will post an update on his status. Cheers FYI for anyone reading who's interested, AEDT is Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Sydney and Melbourne) and AEST is Australian Eastern Standard Time (Brisbane, 1 hour behind Sydney and Melbourne now on daylight savings time)
  20. FYI, charts are good at open (10:15AM AEDT). Market closes and Now times correct. Cheers
  21. OK, I see, yes the date on the application folder shortcut is in July. I checked the shortcut on the desktop and sure enough it has the commandline parameter for the loglevel. This is handy to know. Thanks again. Cheers
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