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  1. got it... your method linking chart to a T&S is a valid work around for me. consider this issue resolved. thanks. what do you think of the idea that if I change a symbol in this chart window, and have that symbol added to a portfolio automatically. Here's the use case: I have a stock scanner, I linked it to medved chart, and if the scanner show me a symbol and i click on it, that symbol should be added to a viewed portfolio for my future references for rest of the trading day.
  2. 1. i like my brokers entry window, my broker's feed is @#$T. renders their T&S useless. 2. i have more than one t&s window, each t&s correspond with a brokers entry window. can you make it so that if a symbol is typed into T&S, it gets backed with a feed without adding to the portfolio? it seems like a symbol has to be in the portfolio so that a T&S view can be bond to that link.
  3. I mostly use medved time and sales window. I find it very annoying that I have to change symbol in my broker's platform, then go into Medved to change symbol in the time&sales window, then go to the portfolio window to add the security. Feature request: Can you add a feature, (with a checkbox, turned off by default, to not annoy others), that allows me to type in a symbol into T&S and also get this symbol added to the portfolio so I can get my quotes & backfills? Thanks
  4. active subscription enabled chart linked with raw data window works for me. consider what i said earlier resolved with work-around.
  5. when I open a stock symbol's raw data, it would start showing the time & sales of this symbol. If I change the stock symbol from within the Raw data window, nothing would display, unless the symbol is also in the portfolio. Can you fix it so that I can switch symbols from within raw data? v1.1.5000.255
  6. I have IB backfill setup with IB realtime stream on MedVed Trader 1.0.4097.1607 Every so often when I switch symbol (on a new symbol neverloaded in MT) in a 1min view. I may end up with a nasty bar that looks like this: And this bar will remain for rest of the day at least. http://forums.medvedtrader.com/index.php?/gallery/image/4-/
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  8. I have IB & yahoo setup when I open the app for the first time. For some reason today, when I opened the app without IB being launched&logged in first, I saw yahoo as the only source. I quit the app, and logged in IB, then restarted the app, result in the same state.
  9. Jerry, I'd like to try out MT beta on IB. Please send instructions
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