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  1. vireya - i did a Clear All Data on the GOOG chart, no dice Jerry, yes LAST was blank. I closed the watchlist and then did a new watchlist. Then added GOOG, AAPL, IBM, BIDU and only BIDU does not update now... (the GOOG and AAPL charts were still up, but there was no IBM chart) Then I added GS, DECK and GS updates and DECK does not. To summarize: they all update except BIDU and DECK. Maybe I need to do a full clean reinstall to make repro steps...
  2. Currently on IB (but this is the same behavior I've seen in the past on AMTD,) you can see in the screen capture that BIDU and DECK are not showing data and that it is STARTed and IB is Streaming/Running
  3. chris


    Before I get too attached to this platform, is there a strong sense of the price? Feel free to point me to an existing thread, I didn't see it anywhere... Thanks
  4. Can you make sure these are also supported? AD-NYSE AD-NASD
  5. When you get around to implementing alerts, it would be great if the smpt server can be configured for email. Even better would be if an arbitrary executable can be run with data passed along as arguments. e.g. I have a custom pager at home I'd like to hook in, that is excluded by many platforms for a variety of reasons.
  6. chris

    API / hooks

    I'd love to have access to as much as possible. I think I've seen a "no automated trading support was planned" somewhere. But it would be nice to at least have the ability to execute trades triggered programmatically, by code that could also access the quote data or chart data. It would be cool, if there was an MVVM core underlying, to have access to messaging engine. Maybe python driven or something. But I'd be just as happy to keep it C# By opening the platform to add ons you could really leverage other developers and maybe get enhancements that would surprise everyone.
  7. Also, if a user clicks START and no source is selected, some kind of message would be helpful I would think
  8. I will try again tomorrow, I did not have the quote source selected. Probably my fault - it is extra confusing since it partially works without selecting that, and the data source selection for the other two purposes looks different. From a usability point of view, I would think it would be helpful to have stronger defaults. e.g. if only one data source exists by the time a watchlist or chart is created to default to that source. One thing that would be not quite as helpful, but easier to implement would be to have "Must select source" in the Source dropdown instead of a blank - whic
  9. Even after clicking START, watchlist entries are only updated when I have an intraday chart open. If I have no charts open, the data source status changes from running to idle.
  10. I haven't updated TWS lately :-) The streaming is as functional as amtd for me... (with the same issues I'm trying to figure out) But at least the connection seems solid. Build 927.7, Jun 19, 2012 2:03:50 PM Jolt Build 1.2.0, Jun 4, 2012 06:00:25 PM Nia Build 1.11.0, Jun 4, 2012 06:02:35 PM ModelNav Build 1.1.43, Feb 2, 2012 07:22:26 PM Java Version: 1.7.0_04 OS: Windows 7 (amd64, 6.1)
  11. The data streaming from tdameritrade looks like it is running, but all the updates seem frozen on a watchlist (IBM, GOOG, MLNX, PCLN, GS, SPY, AAPL, AKAM) After I double click to get an intraday chart of AAPL for example, then it's data fields on the watchlist resume updating. Am I misunderstanding something fundamental about how this is supposed to work?
  12. My theme was in Classic mode - it sometimes reverts to that because on this machine my old video cards seem to get finicky about 4+ monitors on one system. About the modal dialogs - I couldn't get a list of windows in the taskbar - everything was "stuck" (in that app) I think things are working - I'll give it a run during regular trading hours Monday.
  13. I got it to close by doing an "End Task" from the Task Manager (does it send a WM_CLOSE?) - I got the are you sure dialog and so I guess it closed "normally" I think earlier I must have just forced a termination and I suspect then the app was confused about some window state thing when it started back up. So, now I am up and running again! I will bump the post next time I see this behavior, it might really stop a new user cold, since they can't access the menus to help find their log file or get any other in program diagnostics...
  14. I noticed the log had some windows related stuff, including bring to front stuff, so here's part of the log (the entire log won't fit in the forum posting) MT: 09:29:15.22199 02824: ~INF~: AppController.SizeChanged Called MT: 09:29:15.22199 02824: ~INF~: AppController.SizeChanged to Minimized MT: 09:29:15.22199 02824: ~INF~: AppController.SizeChanged FINISHED .. Calling BASE MT: 09:29:15.26000 02824: ~INF~: AppController.SetCaption INPOST STARTING MT: 09:29:15.26000 02824: ~INF~: AppController.SetCaption INPOST FINISHED MT: 09:29:17.45312 02824: ~INF~: AppController.SizeChanged Called MT:
  15. Hi all! Right now, I am stuck because the dashboard will not receive focus - it makes a bell noise as if there is a modal dialog up (but there isn't anything that I can see. It is especially bothersome since it is forced on top apparently - my other apps can not rise to topmost in front of it. (wavy lines and harp music - it all began when...) I was just getting excited to explore this trading platform. I installed (1.0.1221.2312) and ran it. Stumbled around before configuring tdameritrade as my data source and then pointing Backfill and HistBF to it. Created a watchlist an
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