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  1. hi Jerry: That's great, tried out the empty space feature and like the way it is implemented in MT than the way it is in QT. Regarding to the hot keys, yes QT does not have that feature, but it would be a nice feature to have on MT. I found that feature in NinjaTrader to be very convenient when I do video recording of my technical analysis for my followers. It doesn't have to have hot key for each tool, simply provide a few for the user to select the tool to be associated with those assignable hot keys would be a nice convenient feature. Not a deal breaker. Thanks.
  2. hi Jerry: not sure if this is already implemented. In QT, one can shift the chart to the left by x amount so it will leave some empty space on the right near the right hand side axis. In addition, is there hot key setting for draw tools, such as ctl-somekey or alt-somekey for selecting trend line draw tool, and another hot key for fib retrace, etc. Thanks. Been away from working with MT, it looks like you made a lot of additions. Great job! smtrader
  3. hi jerry, it's daily historical. I'm traveling and do not have access to the computer where this software is installed. Will send you a screenshot soon as I'm back along with the template.
  4. I am getting 2 consecutive price bar with the same price range after every 4 price bar of unique price range on AAPL. The price bar data do not seem to have changed when I select Clear All to clear the data and refresh. I am using TDA for source. Suggestion pls.
  5. yea, the proper name would probably be scribble Thanks, I will use my screen annotation tool to do those illustration on the chart. Is there a key shorcut for drawing an arrow. I accidently discover by pressing the ALT key while drawing the line in QT will draw an arrow line. Something similar to QT would be nice.
  6. Hi jerry: is there a way to set different templates for the portfolio display like in QT. For example, I might have a view that include the gain, purch price in my holding portfolio, and i might just have the basic last, change, bid, ask, volume on a monitor portfolio for my watch list. As a trader, I usually have multiple watch list on the screen, some are stocks, some are options, and some are active trades with P/L being display. Having the option for me to select the column values for different display and save them as template will be very useful & convenient.
  7. yes, I'm a trader but I also make video to illustrate the trade setups for my followers, so it will be convenient for me to use the keyboard shortcut to invoke different features instead of right mouse click to pop up a menu and select. Having the key shortcut and the context menu select would be ideal. BTW jerry, I set the 'Always Show Trace' option and the 'Freestyle' for the default trace, the crosshair still snap to the close. It will be good to have the crosshair free flow instead of snapping to the closing price as a default option. Many traders including myself use the crosshair to dynamically look at possible support/resistance levels based on price bar high/low instead of the price bar close. I know I can use the CTRL-Shift key combo to get the free flow, but that requires the combo key be held down if one was to inspect the chart for many different levels. Would also be good to have an option to switch from a mouse pointer to a crosshair with a keyboard shortcut.
  8. hi jerry: the type of free form I am referring to is the the paint brush in microsoft Paint where you can draw wiggly lines instead of a straight line.
  9. Hi Jerry: another request; how about a free form drawing tool and one can use to draw free form lines.
  10. hi jerry: will MT line draw tool be able to draw line extended beyond the last price bar on the daily, weekly, etc. QT is able to extend the line beyond the last price bar only on intraday chart. can the user set the font size of the text tool for the chart in MT, it is a guessing game on QT on how large the font will be and has to constantly adjust the text box to size them, even that, one does not know what the font size is. In addition, QT shrink & expand the font size as the number of price bars on the chart are being increase or decrease, which is very annoying. It will be good for MT to let the user select and fix the font size for the text in the text box for annotating the chart. thank you for your consideration.
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