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  1. Version 1.1.5400.249x64 Today, for the BHP:ASX daily chart I have 2 candles for last Friday, two for Monday and two for yesterday (Tuesday).
  2. On daily timeframes, for some stocks, recent day's candles are repeated. At the moment on BHP on the Australian ASX exchange, I'm getting last Friday's candle twice, and yesterday's candle twice. .
  3. It's OK, I think I've done it--- I was unticking on the individual chart rather than on the watchlist. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I've unticked all the trace links I could find but still snapping to the present.
  5. When I slide the slider at the bottom of the chart back to see a chart say, between 2008 and 2009, it holds there for a second or so, then whips back to the present. That's irrespective of the period chosen at the top left of chart.
  6. The two historic data sources for Australian Stock Exchange listed stocks are Google, and Yahoo. Yahoo is very wrong with some of its data, so I use Google. However, a glitch in Google data occurred on July 30, 2014. For the day's low price for many stocks, the decimal point has been shifted to the left, so, for example, $39.63 becomes $0.39. This is playing havoc with charts which show that day as a massive plunge and the candle chart reduces to an unintelligible horizontal line with a long down spike on July 30. I have to call up historic data, scroll down to July 30, and dele
  7. Like many indicators, it can be hit and miss. Tends to show more reliability on weekly and monthly charts rather than dailies. I have seen it, usually, as a conspicuous white dot above the candle for highs, and below it for lows.
  8. I am referring to clearing anything I have drawn: trendlines, fibs, text etc. How do I remove/hide them without having to place the cursor on each individual item, right click and delete? The "clear" arrow on intraday gives the option to clear data only, not what I have drawn
  9. Clicking on the rubber icon clears the chart, but when I click on the down arrow nothing happens --no options are brought up
  10. Hi Jerry, Once again, thanks for your prompt response.
  11. My data source is Comsec, and while everything works well for individual stocks, I can't get charts for ASX indices such as the all ordinaries (XAO:ASX); small ordinaries (XSO:ASX); financials (XFJ:ASX). The price levels, high/low. change etc display, but no historic charts. "There is no data to chart" comes up on the historic chart page, with no chart. For each of the indices: Raw data-- the last is for April 16 2014 historic data- only the present day is available -
  12. No, just Windows defender, and configured it some time ago to let Medved pass through. No problems with Medved trader starting up -- it just doesn't like Commsec any more.
  13. Having just posted my responses, I re-started Medved Trader, and for the first time got a " Medved Trader encountered an Error" "Unable to start Streamer Commsec.Error:error compiling script for streamer Commsec. Please contact Medved Trader technical support and provide the error details AppVer: 1.0.4050.2052 ErrFlags:Log, ShowIndicator, ShowToUser Compile Error at (0,0):Error #CS2001:Source file 'C:\Users\vic\AppData\Local\2GK\Medved Trader\Temp\Compile\wvmin4vt.).cs' could not be found Compile Error at (0,0):Error # CS2008: No source file specified
  14. The one second refresh rate worked before, and changing it makes no difference unfortunately.
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