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  1. Is there a setting or combination of settings which would allow the current price of an indicator to be displayed on the right side of a chart when the cursor hovers over the indicator? The current price of the indicator will always display if you select :Show line prices on the indicator selection box but when multiple indicators converge the prices are overlaid and cannot be read. To reduce the clutter most of my indicators do not have the SHOW PRICE option selected. My current chart settings are: Always Show Trace and Default Trace
  2. Is there a way to increase the font size when entering text into a text entry box on a chart? I can’t find a way to increase the size of the text entry box which has a very small font size when displayed on a laptop. The actual text displayed on the chart can be increased or decreased by enlarging the text box on the chart after closing the text entry box but editing in the text entry box is a problem for my old eyes.
  3. Any chance of getting this enhancement in the future. Not critical so it could go on a wish lish.
  4. You are correct but that will require creating a separate chart. On Stock Charts.com I can see it on the same chart with the other 2 and when you are scanning a bunch of charts a separate chart doubles the work. IF it can not be done I would like it to be considered as a future enhancement. I am trying to eliminate Scockcharts.com. Thanks
  5. How do I enter 2 symbols into the same Price Relative indicator? The first two below work fine but I cannot figure out how to get #3 below working to see how the industry is doing relative to the market on this same chart. On Stock charts.com I can have 3 bottom charts configured as follows. MEDVED TRADER price relative indicator symbol 1. ADBE:$DJUSSW to see how ADBE is doing relative to is Industry $DJUSSW 2. ADBE:$SPS.X To see how ADBE is doing relative to the market $SPX.X 3. $DJUSSW:$SPX.X To see how the industry is doing relative to the market ?????
  6. What is the difference between Low and Symboldata.Low. I am scanning during the day on daily Historical charts.
  7. I would like to use the slope in a scanner rule but cannot find that function in the available functions. Stock charts describes it as following. the slope measures the rise over run for the linear regression. This is the ending value of the linear regression less the beginning value divided by the timeframe. If the ending value were 35, the beginning value 29 and the run 12, then the slope would be .5 (35 - 29 = 6, 6/12 = .50). The slope indicator is zero when the linear regression is flat, positive when the linear regression slants up and negative when the linear regression slopes down. The steepness of the slope is also reflected in the value. Do you have something like this in the scanner? Thanks
  8. I created a new scan using the simple editor and when I attempt to run it I see a symbol to the left of the name in the drop down scan selection box. The symbol is a blue circle with a yellow exclamation point and orange shading. I am not getting any results from the scan and no indication it is running. I can not find a reference to it in the Help document. What does this symbol mean? Thanks
  9. Jerry, Any plans to allow other than horizontal or vertical trend line alerts on Historical charts? Also any plans to allow trend line alerts on the bottom indicators on Historical charts?
  10. Historical Charts. Monthly Pivot Points are selected with the option to display only the last set. This displays correctly until I pad horizontalty and then a second set appears.
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