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  1. Jerry, Any plans to allow other than horizontal or vertical trend line alerts on Historical charts? Also any plans to allow trend line alerts on the bottom indicators on Historical charts?
  2. Historical Charts. Monthly Pivot Points are selected with the option to display only the last set. This displays correctly until I pad horizontalty and then a second set appears.
  3. I jumped the gun and restored too earlier version and imported to try and fix the problem. Should I reinstall the latest version and try and recreate the problem?
  4. Converted to new release and I am not able to add an annotation box to an existing historical chart. I can update an existing box but not add a new one.
  5. Jerry I just loaded Trader and it had the incorrect Gain $ but before I could capture the files the quotes populated to after hours quotes and the totals are now correct. I will capture the files and send them to you the next time it happens. Thanks John
  6. On the latest Beta version 1.1.8350.3 x64 the totals on the portfolio Page are incorrect. The Gain $ Total is showing the same amount as the Value total.
  7. I am using TD Ameritrade quotes. I opened Meded Trader this morning after the open for an hour and then signed off. I again opened Trader at 10:15 PM eastern time and the portfolio page with 76 entries had 17 lines without Price change amount, Volume and Volume percent fields populated. This occurred on the Last 2 beta versions including the latest 1.1.8350.3 x64. Change should be -5.35. Volume should be 1.4 M
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