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  1. Jerry I just loaded Trader and it had the incorrect Gain $ but before I could capture the files the quotes populated to after hours quotes and the totals are now correct. I will capture the files and send them to you the next time it happens. Thanks John
  2. On the latest Beta version 1.1.8350.3 x64 the totals on the portfolio Page are incorrect. The Gain $ Total is showing the same amount as the Value total.
  3. I am using TD Ameritrade quotes. I opened Meded Trader this morning after the open for an hour and then signed off. I again opened Trader at 10:15 PM eastern time and the portfolio page with 76 entries had 17 lines without Price change amount, Volume and Volume percent fields populated. This occurred on the Last 2 beta versions including the latest 1.1.8350.3 x64. Change should be -5.35. Volume should be 1.4 M
  4. Thanks. It worked perfectlly.
  5. How do I display 2 or 3 intraday charts for the same symbol with different time frames such as 5 min, 10 min and 60 min?.
  6. I do not seem to be getting Ameritrade quotes. Bac kfill seems to work. Forget it. Market down. My problem
  7. jfritchey

    Portfolio Last price

    Is there any setting for the Portfolio to show the end of day closing price rather than the after hours last price.
  8. jfritchey


    Are quotes updated for all portfolios if they are not open?
  9. jfritchey

    Symbol merger

    Worked perfeclly. Thanks
  10. jfritchey

    Symbol merger

    DW became LCII at the beginning of the year. Is there a way to merge the history for DW with this years data for LCII so the long term trends can be seen?
  11. jfritchey

    ATR Trailing Stop Indicator

    My mistake. I will try the Chandelier Exits indicator. Thanks John
  12. jfritchey

    Moving Average Alert

    Wonderful. Thanks
  13. jfritchey

    Moving Average Alert

    Jerry, Yes I am using paintbars to do it now but I have to cycle thru all my positions at different times of the day to get the chart open and trigger the event and the timing always seems to be wrong. It is very desirable to have it happen in real time. Would you please add it to future requests. Thanks
  14. jfritchey

    ATR Trailing Stop Indicator

    Mike, The selection box for long and short controls the position of the indicator line above or below the line. Switching automatically may be desirable in certain conditions but eliminates your ability to see the line when the price drops below the long indicator line. The short side line on DVN does not show for 21 days after the high when the short sell should occur. Think and Swim and Stock charts both continue to show the indicator line after price drops below the indicator line. Would it be possible to add an option box on the indicator configuration screen to always show the indicator line? It would be very beneficial. Thanks