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  1. Worked like a charm. Thanks
  2. I can change an options chain layout using the column chooser. I can then save it but I can not find an option to set it to the default.
  3. I was able to recreate the problem. I displayed a historical chart on the first monitor. Selected a previously created text box. Added text after the last comment line in the existing text box. (Did not hit OK because I was not finished) Clicked on the browser page on the second monitor to gather more text. The text box on the Historical chart disappeared.
  4. Has anyone pinpointed an intermittent problem with the chart text entry box disappearing? Occasionally since the last update I have experienced a text box which was created in a previous session disappearing after I add additional text and then switch to browser on a different monitor before clicking OK on the text box. I cannot seem to recreate the problem but I will keep trying to narrow down the conditions when it occurs but usually, I just look up and it is gone.
  5. Thanks. I am looking forward to it. The linked charts is a quick way to see a symbols charts in multiple time frames.
  6. That does answer the question. I have been using the Historical chart data. Thanks
  7. 1/8 close Chtr MT Historical Chart Values High 509.99 Low 498.55 Close 500.70 1/8 Stock chart values High 509.99 Low 498.55 Close 500.70 My calculated values Chtr 1/9 Intraday chart Pivot 503.17 I understand the label difference now. My Pivot calculation still differs from yours. I checked yesterday’s values and compared them to Stock charts which were the same for a couple of symbols. I still cannot figure how you get the result you display on the chart. Some MT symbol chart pivot values are cor
  8. Yes it is reversed according to the article formulas below. I am a little concerned that no one noticed this before because TC means top and BC means bottom. I guess they ignored the labels. TC = (Pivot – BC) + Pivot Pivot = (High + Low + Close)/3 BC = (High + Low)/2 Did you find anything on the P calculation? That was more important than the labels.
  9. The labels TC and BC seem to be reversed on the chart. I think the TC should be on the top and BC on the bottom. I calculated the BC, P and TC using The H, L and C below CHTR 1/7/20 values High 498.15 Low 490.93 Close 497.45 Calculated BC 494.54 P 495.51 TC 496.48 The Indicator displayed on chart BC 496.3933 Versus calculated 497.48 TC 494.54 Correct P 495.4667. Versus calculate 495.51 My calculations used 2 decimal point values from Historical chart.
  10. All my charts were annotated with "Annotations Unique per Chart" checkbox in the last section (Miscellaneous) checked. When I check the "Annotations Unique per Chart" all my original annotations disappear. Is there some way, on a one time basis, to get them converted to the charts so I do not have to manually re-due all the annotations?
  11. Would it be possible to have an option under the Chart Display Settings to elect to display annotations and trend lines drawn on an un-linked chart displayed on the linked chart?
  12. Sorry I did not want to make it too elaborate. I was just proposing an additional USER entered data field which could be sorted. I was just using account as an example.
  13. It would be nice to have an additional field added to the portfolio column chooser which could be sorted. At the end of the week I verify my positions in each account to make sure I have not missed entering something. Sorting by account would make that easier. The field could be called Additional Note which would allow it to be used for other purposes.
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