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  1. ehjump

    Intraday Caption Style

    Hello Jerry; Please can you add an option for "<symbol> (<period>/<freq>)" only on the Intraday Caption Style dropdown menu of the 'Charts / Display' tab of the MT settings page? Hoping to reduce the amount of information displayed on the caption. Thanks in advance.
  2. ehjump

    Medvedtrader using Quotestream datafeed

    Just a reminder - Also, looking forward to their Level 2 data over here. Thanks.
  3. ehjump

    Remember Quantity Tab Selection on DoM

    Ah, got it now! It depends on the value set for the "Transaction Value" input in Settings/Trading/Accounts. Thanks a lot Jerry.
  4. Hi Jerry; How do I make MT remember my last selection (or set a default) on the quantity tab of the MT DOM? Even though I select "10" before closing out the DOM, when I open the DOM later it keeps reverting to the value "2" on the quantity tab
  5. Hi Jerry; It would be nice to be able to export the data from the Transactions tab to MS Excel. And if possible, the info from other tabs of the Account View as well (each tab separately though.) Can we have an export feature for this? Or have the ability to copy all the rows at once? Currently we have to select one row at a time to copy, then paste in Excel.
  6. ehjump

    Suggestions for videos...

    Mike; Thanks for the link to your YouTube channel. Would be nice to see more videos illustrating: The many features of the MT DOM, especially if the different order types are used in a full-cycle trade from opening to closing the trade during the illustrations. The use of MT scanner to search for candidates to trade e.g. using indicators for search criteria
  7. Thanks Jerry. After widening the Fill Date column I see the time too.
  8. Hello Jerry; Please can we have a column in the Transactions tab of the Account View for the time that orders are filled (e.g. "Fill Time" column?) This helps in post trade analysis amongst other things. Regards & thanks in advance.
  9. ehjump

    Bracket (OCA) Orders on Chart

    Hi guys, If I may, I'd like to lend my voice of hope/desire for this feature. I agree that OTOCA orders would be a great addition. Looking forward to it Jerry
  10. ehjump

    Medvedtrader using Quotestream datafeed

    Thanks for the heads up. Any idea if / when they'd add Level II & data from other exchanges, IPE to be exact?
  11. ehjump

    Customize MT DOM columns

    Great ?. Thanks
  12. ehjump

    Customize MT DOM columns

    Ok, thanks
  13. ehjump

    Customize MT DOM columns

    Will it be possible to give users the option to delete the "Volume" column? Or, at least, move the volume column to the right of the Sell Orders column - in other words move the "Sell Orders" column closer to the "Sells" column.