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  1. Great, thank you Jerry, it will be helpful to use the feature with this flexibility
  2. Hi, I think this is a new feature of the lastest update; when I have cursor hovering over a chart, the detail now also shows the values of all indicators such as moving averages etc and also indicators below the chart - can you tell me how to turn this off? Thanks!
  3. Hi, On my daily template, somehow I accidently added blank space on the right side, about 5 days worth, can you advise what setting I can use to remove that? TIA Also, how to save a new set up on a chart with a new name, ie I don't see the "save as" option? Thanks in advance,
  4. Hi Jerry, Thank you; I see now if I click on the chart and enlarge it, to prepare to export to you, the legend is visible again, so perhaps the chart area was just too small to show it, so I don't think it's a bug now.
  5. Hi, This has occured when I add CMO to my charts, don't know if it happens when adding others - but, when I add it to my intraday charts, it knocks off the names of the indicators already on the chart. Any idea how I can get the names back on my chart to display? Thank you
  6. Hello, Adding the Chande Momentum Oscillator would be helpful, is that something on your list to add? Thank you,
  7. Zonezy

    Request for Beta

    Hi Jerry, I'd like to test the beta version as well; long time QT user here. Thanks!!
  8. Hi Jerry, Not sure of what you would be calling this sort of feature, but will you be adding the paintbar type of feature you created on QuoteTracker? ie alerts on crossovers, price levels, with all the variations to have it show up on the chart?
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