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  1. Also, I am using Stockwatch and the change has to do with their feed.
  2. That worked perfectly. A very cool feature! Thanks a lot!
  3. Good afternoon, Is there a way for the charts to back-date data to account for newly split stocks? For example, NFLX split 7:1 became effective today and the chart and watch list both show a $604 drop instead of a $2 drop. It has also made moving averages and other technical indicators useless. Thank you.
  4. Percentage of price movement. Currently, I only see that the Box Size=x where if x=2 then each point on the P&F chart will be a $2 move in the stock. If we could scale it as a percentage of price movement, then Box Size=2 would place each point as a 2% price movement. I have two screenshots from stockcharts.com to illustrate my point, but I do not know how to attach them.
  5. Is there a way to change the scaling on the Point & Figure charts to percentage as opposed to price?
  6. Great! Thank you very much.
  7. Good afternoon, Where do I find the sdata.bin file? Also, if it is extremely large, how do I consolidate the data? Thank you.
  8. I accidentally clicked the "Symbol" button on my Portfolio and it rightfully sorted the list alphabetically. The problem is that I had a couple gold symbols, energy symbols, and tech symbols that are easier to follow grouped together. Right now I have clicked on a random unpopulated category ("Rho" in this case), which is allowing me to resort my symbols the way I want them. Is there a better way to do this?
  9. rikesh82

    Futures with IB

    Please disregard the previous post. I figured it out. It was very simple Everything works perfectly! Thank you very much.
  10. rikesh82

    Futures with IB

    I have one portfolio that I use as a watch-list. I will create a separate one for futures. In the futures portfolio, can you please walk me through how to source it specifically to IB? I would prefer to source my Watch-List separately through an alternative source (if possible).
  11. rikesh82

    Futures with IB

    I have the subscription as I have the chart opened in IB and it is streaming live. I tried changing the backfill source to IB and it populated the chart, but does not update unless I click backfill. I think it might have something to do with the order in which I have ranked my data sources. If I'm missing something, please let me know. Thanks again.
  12. rikesh82

    Futures with IB

    Good morning, I read the thread below about how to view futures in MT with an IB account. I have my IB account "streaming" in MT and I tried using @GCG15 but it doesn't seem to populate ("There is no data to chart"). I have the chart open in IB right now and it streams fine. What am I missing? http://forums.medvedtrader.com/index.php?/topic/657-futures-symbols-for-ib-datafeed/?hl=futures
  13. Good afternoon, After updating the software today, I am receiving a pop-up error message stating "Index was outside the bounds of the array". Should I email Support with the error log? Thank you.
  14. Jerry, My apologies. I had the "snap to candles" feature selected in the Settings/General menu, but not on the actual chart. It works wonderfully. Thank you for all that you do! Best, Rikesh
  15. Even if there is a way for me to manually input two price levels, that would be extremely helpful! Thanks.
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