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  1. Add column Minimized True/False many times hit the minimize on a chart and then takes a long time to find the min chart
  2. I have several requests but as a new user I am overall really enjoying the platform. These requests would just make it that much better. I hope you will consider implementing some of these requests in the future. Thank you Frequency linking on intraday charts. I have 50 small thumbnail charts that I watch and it would be nice to change the frequency of all the charts at once instead of having to do each one separately I like to capture my trades each day and like to see where I was filled on the chart but the fill arrows are so big they cover the chart itself. A
  3. have the option to lock all close X boxes on charts,portfolios when moving around charts sometimes hit the wrong part and close the chart pain in the neck to have to open a chart again and remember what symbol was on the chart. Unless ctrl z works on actions ?
  4. be able to band a group of charts mine 18 charts in 3 rows of 6 and then right mouse option to 'size to fit' evry time i upgrade windows 10 all my charts sizes get changed and it takes me a while to re do them and they never look that great all slightly different and not quite in the right place never have the time to adjust them all
  5. Hi Mike, Hi Jerry and all quick question is it possible to sync the DOM to a Chart , meaning when the prices move on the DOM the current candle on CHART would be in-sync with it , i understand that the scale on the CHART is different than that on the DOM ,but my idea if that sync can be applied programmatically it could give a visual idea of whats happening on the limit book . Thanks in advance
  6. mnewton

    copy an paste

    I guess copy and paste in a chart do nothing? Is there anything like the ctrl-S save copy of chart in QT
  7. Jerry I recently downloaded your beta Medved and what can I say your program is outstanding. I was a longtime QuoteTracker user and this new revised program is like riding in a Mercedes. One tip for users is to do make portfolio(s) from your Finviz scans. For example if you trade biotech issues just download the bio tickers in a simple scan and download them into a MEDVED portfolio. I start watching the bio action at 7:30am each morning when the data starts flowing. One can see all the movers and be ready for the open. For users who would like to see more ways to use the program just follow me
  8. CAN'T CHANGE THE FREQUENCY ############################ WHEN ##### I started noticing it yesterday, or the day before, which was shortly after I said "OK" to an automated update from the previous one to the current version 1.08 170.1018. SEVERITY ######## Medium. While this one does not crash the application, it severely limits its functionality. GENERAL DESCRIPTION #################### In the upper left corner of the (stock) chart, any (stock) chart, you can select the "Main" tab, and if you do, then you can select "TYPE", "PERIOD", and "FREQ". Well, 15 minutes ago -- an
  9. I found the problem with 60min pre-market charts. 60min shows pre-market only in the "Current Day" mode, and it doesn't work in the "Default (During Ext. Hours)" , or in the "During Ext. Hours" modes.
  10. jschwa

    How Do I

    How do I. On Charts Get back info window in upper left Showing time ,hi,lo last Now missing ??? Thanks JS
  11. This request is not fully thought-out, as it just occurred to me and i thought I'd jot it down... Here goes: It would be nice to be able to pick up tweets from the twitter feed, as they relate to stocks that one is following, and then display on the intraday (or historical) chart(s) where those tweets occurred. Since it is possible that a stock may have a lot of twitter activity, you'd want to be able to specify not only tweets by symbol ($XYZ) but also filter them by a select list of @handles for people whose tweets the user is interested in. Example : Plot tweets on $XYZ base
  12. After some time, a user may accumulate a number of old trendlines and fib lines and other drawn objects scattered throughout a multitude of charts. In some cases the user may want to update the drawn objects; in other cases remove them. But there is no way to quickly find such objects, so it requires visiting every chart. There ought to be a way to find, view and if needed revise/remove these objects from a list. This may be similar to the quoteGrid, but would have columns that correspond to the object type. From the list, the user would bring up the relevant chart for revision
  13. This hardly qualifies as a bug, but is not a feature request either. It falls more in the category of a fix for a minor annoyance. ISSUE: MT draws, and then re-draws charts when switching to a new symbol. The visual effect is that the chart "jumps" a bit before settling down. This appears to be due to the rescaling of axes. I.e. chart draws, axes are re-sized, chart re-draws within new axes. It only happens the first time that a new symbol is selected during an MT session. It would be better to have the chart only draw once, using the proper axis dimensions from the start.
  14. I am having trouble ensuring consistency across intraday charts when showing extended hours trades. The amount of data varies depending on how active a particular stock is in extended hours. That makes the time period shown in EH vary by stock. Example below: charts of GDXJ and GLD show Ext.Hrs for current day, and GDXJ starts at 05:54 while GLD starts at 05:27, so the time axes do not line up. Is there any way in MT to specify fixed period(s) for extended hours (i.e. 06:00-09:30 and 16:00-17:00) so that the same time frames are shown no matter what symbol is selected ?
  15. Can you please add a right-click menu option to create a line parallel to the currently selected line? Thanks.
  16. A little different request - related to pairs. Currently MT supports ratio (relative) charts but only line charts. I would like to plot ratio Bar charts (historical and intraday). Like so: Thanks.
  17. With auto-backfill, switching symbols in the QuoteGrid with symbol-linked historical charts triggers a backfill. When the selected symbol has not been used in a while, the amount of data requested can be substantial, which generates lag while the backfill takes place. I am wondering if it is possible to backfill missing history for symbols in active QuoteGrid even when they are not selected. This would best be done during times when MT resource use is low. If this were done, switching to a new symbol would instantly create the needed chart.
  18. When padding is added to a chart, a couple things should be different (i think) : 1) Pivot line indicators should be extended into the padding area, to help visualize potential support and resistance levels. Example of how Stockcharts.com does it: http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=GDX&p=D&yr=0&mn=7&dy=0&id=p37160368203 2) The time scale should extend into the "future" as necessary and display upcoming date/time values in the x-axis, accounting for the selected trading calendar. 3) When pivot line indicators are selected, if a chart has padding and the data p
  19. An idea for a powerful / easy-to-implement new feature: Please add a new table for the user to create / select / analyze pairs of related securities. The table would have two columns, each column being assigned a pushpin color. Selecting a row in the table will select the corresponding symbol pair which (through symbol-linking) will load data into the relevant charts / data tables. Example: Column1 (Red) Column2 (Blue) SPY KO GDX ABX QQQ AAPL An alternative implementation allows independent pushpin
  20. It may be personal taste but... MACD histogram should be shown as bars, paired up with the candle (or at least, the option thereof). The full fill also makes the MACD lines difficult to see. The histogram should be scaled down so the lines are more visible. I have added two snapshots of TSLA 5-min today, one from MT one from IG. http://forums.medvedtrader.com/index.php?/gallery/image/6-/ http://forums.medvedtrader.com/index.php?/gallery/image/5-/ I actually find IG's image much easier on the eye. Thanks.
  21. I don't see much point in having different templates for each symbol (Although "Set as Default for All" can be set). Instead, we should have a set of setups (e.g 5 min, 4 hours, daily, weekly) that applies to any chart opened, and should be able to switch in between. Each chart template may obviously have different indicators applied.
  22. I will say this one more time - you guys are building a fantastic product. Thanks again. And I will add a request to the many I have made, for a (semi-)unique feature: please add a new chart type to plot Instrument X vs. Instrument Y. Removing the time dimension enables the analysis of the relationship between two instruments: you get insights unavailable by just looking at an instrument's time history. Example: a single stock's price vs. that of its sector ETF When plotting data, the user should be able to specify: dots or blobs for each data point (dot for last vs. las
  23. Hi, can you explain why bid/ask lines are not available on tick charts ? Thank you.
  24. Please add (as an optional indicator) display of trading activity for selected account(s) on intraday and historical charts. This is a high-value indicator now that MT has trading. Color-coded arrows (on tick charts) or small bubbles (on barcharts) can be used to show where buys/sells took place. Thanks again for the great work you are doing.
  25. Toggling bid/ask lines on intraday charts causes unnecessary redraw & resize of price axis even when bid/ask values in the displayed period do not warrant it. This is also true of indicators like the MAs or BBands, which should only (if so enabled) change the price scale based on indicator values in the displayed range. So this is a subtle, but visually annoying bug. I have sent you some video screencaps.
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