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  1. Please add (as an optional indicator) display of trading activity for selected account(s) on intraday and historical charts. This is a high-value indicator now that MT has trading. Color-coded arrows (on tick charts) or small bubbles (on barcharts) can be used to show where buys/sells took place. Thanks again for the great work you are doing.
  2. When the trace OHLCV box obscures part of a chart, I have to manually drag it to an empty location. This can be a distraction. Suggestion: make an option to auto-locate the box, so it always goes in an area of the chart with minimum or no bars/ticks. Thanks !
  3. Toggling bid/ask lines on intraday charts causes unnecessary redraw & resize of price axis even when bid/ask values in the displayed period do not warrant it. This is also true of indicators like the MAs or BBands, which should only (if so enabled) change the price scale based on indicator values in the displayed range. So this is a subtle, but visually annoying bug. I have sent you some video screencaps.
  4. Issue: cannot select / restore chart to original (200bar) period after zoom. Initial state: Working in a 200bar historical chart with valid data. Steps to Reproduce: 1) zoom into a region of chart with mouse gesture (Ctrl-click-drag) 2) attempt to restore chart period using either keyboard number shortcuts (6) or menu entry (Period: 200bars) 3) chart does not revert to selected period Workaround: Selecting 6month or Year-to-date period, followed by selecting 200bar period works. [The same issue occurs when the original period in the chart is 50bar or 100bar.
  5. Hi, Currently up/down arrowkeys scroll the Raw Data window. If it is trace-linked to charts, the cursor in corresponding chart(s) follows the selected row in the Raw Data window. All good ! But the reverse does not work - i.e. if I select a chart, I can not use the arrowkeys to move through the bars; yet, moving the mouse does move the trace, and this is tracked in the trace-linked Raw Data row selection. Why the asymmetry? I.e. could you enable up/down arrowkeys for precise trace control while inspecting a chart? (I think I may have asked about this before but I cannot rec
  6. Is there a way to choose the color of bid/ask lines if displayed on charts ? If there is not yet a way, could you add a color selector like you have for other indicators ? I like to toggle bid/ask lines on&off, but having them default to red/green interferes visually with other indicators I use that are those same colors. Thanks.
  7. Is there a simple "one-click" way to toggle on/off ALL indicators in a chart (short of loading a different template) ?
  8. I use multiple charts at different time frames, along with the trace link group. It is nice to be able to move back and forth to see what happened when; however it is too easy to inadvertently move the mouse and "mess things up". I.E. lose your place. Especially when moving from one chart to another, where the intent is to use the mouse pointer as a visual aid. To avoid this, it would be nice if you could implement a toggle to freeze/resume the trace following the mouse. A single-click in the chart area would serve as a toggle, with the trace remaining on screen (unless the mouse p
  9. RSI indicator has default horizontal (dashed) lines at 30, 50, 70. Shading in green/red also occurs when RSI value is over 70 / under 30. I guess these give the "standard" overbought/oversold indicator. In some cases we may want to deviate from the standard...so is it possible to: 1) allow customization of the lines' values (i.e. other than the default 30,50,70) - for each chart ? 2) optionally suppress the display of horizontal lines/corresponding shading - again, for each chart ? If not currently possible, could you consider that for a future release? Thanks
  10. I like to keep a screen of charts minimized on my screen and then click one at a time to enlarge to full screen when needed. Sometimes when I maximize the chart I clicked on ot does not come to the front to be viewed but is enlarged behind all the other minimized charts.The only way I can then fix this is to restart the application. Any hints on what I'm doing wrong? thanks
  11. Note, this happens only with 15-min or longer timeframes, and labels come back when I stretch the chart horizontally. (Also note how vertical gridlines are missing for days prior to 6/18)
  12. On market holidays, time-based charts display a blank day. Example: this past Monday 5/19/2014 was Victoria Day in Canada and the markets were closed. Yet, the chart uses horizontal space as for a regular day, just with no data. Indicators like prior-day high and low are drawn over this blank day. See here: (I would prefer the holiday to be skipped in the chart and for indicators like the ones mentioned to be drawn in for the next mkt session.)
  13. In time-based intraday charts, thick vertical gridlines are used at day breaks; thin lines are used on even-spaced hours. I also see vertical grid lines used for tick charts but I cannot understand what criteria are used to draw them, or if the criteria can be chosen.
  14. The folks at Nanex have a truly amazing chart that allows you to visualize the evolution of order book "depth" over time. Below is an example, and here is a link where they explain how to read this type of chart: http://www.nanex.net/aqck2/4394.html I think it's something that could be implemented in MT and I would very much like to see it.
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