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Found 16 results

  1. Hello Jerry/Mike; If I change my mind & uncheck after clicking the "Set as Default" button in any indicator's parameters window, the indicator default parameters don't revert to the default state before clicking the button. In other words, the "Set as Default" feature sets the default once the button is clicked instead of after clicking the "OK" button and exiting the edit parameters window - and so, does not allow user to change his/her mind before hitting "OK".
  2. Please can we have an option to unhide indicators on the right-click menu? Currently we can hide or delete indicators by right-clicking the indicators. But, the only way to unhide indicators is to open the indicator selection window - would be nice to have the option of a quick right-click with sub-menu listing the hidden indicators & user can click desired indicator to unhide. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I've been trying out Medved for a few days and was wondering if it has the following; 1. automatic bracket orders with Interactive Brokers -- Stop loss and take profit orders attached to parent order. 2. Previous day OHLC indicator -- Indicator that plots horizontal lines for the Open, High, Low and Close from the previous session. Preferably with the ability to select/deselect the overnight session. 3. DOM Window - Depth of Market vertical order style window found in software like Ninjatrader etc. Thanks, Stefan
  4. When you select "set as deault" on an indicator is it just for that template or is it universal for all future uses of that indicator in any template?
  5. I am seeing strange VWAP values on occasion. Example: Note the volume on the bar in question is a large negative number. Perhaps this affects the calculation?
  6. Not sure if this is a bug or was deliberate, so will post this as a feature request: Would like to include indicator colors to default when "set to default" is clicked on the indicator panel of "main chart" indicators. This currently works for indicators in the "Usually on Separate Chart" section e.g. MACD, RSI; but does not work for indicators in the "Usually on Main Chart" section like Bollinger bands. Thanks in advance.
  7. When padding is added to a chart, a couple things should be different (i think) : 1) Pivot line indicators should be extended into the padding area, to help visualize potential support and resistance levels. Example of how Stockcharts.com does it: http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=GDX&p=D&yr=0&mn=7&dy=0&id=p37160368203 2) The time scale should extend into the "future" as necessary and display upcoming date/time values in the x-axis, accounting for the selected trading calendar. 3) When pivot line indicators are selected, if a chart has padding and the data p
  8. I need to track min/max values of bid and ask over a specified period (typically 1hr), as an indicator on intraday charts. Is this something MT can do currently, or in upcoming release ? Also, I would like to add these values as columns in the QuoteGrid. Are custom QuoteGrid fields coming soon ? ( Similarly, some people may want to have max volume, or min / max of "indicator X" on charts or in the QuoteGrid )
  9. Right now we can click to select trendlines, and use right-click menu (or 'Del' key) to delete them. This is good. Can you apply the same trick to make it easier to Hide indicators ? (Left/right click to select; right click menu, or 'H' key shortcut to Hide.) Also, a couple pet peeves about the "edit indicators" dialog : 1) it uses a huge window that can obscure an entire chart; please make the window smaller. 2) in the right pane, it requires a left-click to first select an indicator, followed by a right-click to access the menu - could you change it so the right-click selects
  10. Is there a way to choose the color of bid/ask lines if displayed on charts ? If there is not yet a way, could you add a color selector like you have for other indicators ? I like to toggle bid/ask lines on&off, but having them default to red/green interferes visually with other indicators I use that are those same colors. Thanks.
  11. Is there a simple "one-click" way to toggle on/off ALL indicators in a chart (short of loading a different template) ?
  12. Hi, I understand the basics of the volume by price detailed indicator on MT (VbPd(30b,70%)) but what do the extended ranges ( yellow outlined candles with extended tails) tell you and how are they calculated? thanks
  13. RSI indicator has default horizontal (dashed) lines at 30, 50, 70. Shading in green/red also occurs when RSI value is over 70 / under 30. I guess these give the "standard" overbought/oversold indicator. In some cases we may want to deviate from the standard...so is it possible to: 1) allow customization of the lines' values (i.e. other than the default 30,50,70) - for each chart ? 2) optionally suppress the display of horizontal lines/corresponding shading - again, for each chart ? If not currently possible, could you consider that for a future release? Thanks
  14. This may be asking too much, but is it possible that in addition to built-in indicators, MT could implement an easy-to-use language so end-users may code custom indicators or functions? (See AmiBroker and Quantshare for examples of such languages, along with Tradestation, Multicharts, SierraChart and NinjaTrader)
  15. Installation intuitive and connectivity couldn't be simpler for Win 8.1/Interactive Brokers. Beginning to learn the product and replicate functionality used in QuoteTracker. Please include the following indicators if possible: Volatility Stop - On the chart In QuoteTracker I select hide the indicator and show the value -- the value shows on the right scale with my selected color of the indicator, but the indicator does not show on the chart. In MT, when I select hide the indicator and show the value, both the indicator and value are hidden. Could MT be changed as it is helpful to see
  16. Is it possible to overlay indicators from a longer time frame chart onto a chart for a shorter time frame? (or vice versa) E.g. 10-day EMA on 15min Intraday chart. (i don't mean synthetically by converting units and plotting a 10*(60/15)*6.5 bar EMA on the 15min chart)
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