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Found 18 results

  1. I don't remember if this was the case in earlier versions, but the behaviour of MT may cause loss of information to the user. Normally, clicking the news indicator light-bulb next to symbols brings up the corresponding symbol's news window. However, (possibly inadvertently?) clicking on the symbol instead (not the lightbulb) turns off the lightbulb. The user must then remember there was news for that symbol. This loss of info also happens when switching symbols with the cursor keys, but NOT when clicking in any other column in the QuoteGrid other than the symbol column.
  2. Right now, too much of my screen real estate is used by multiple QuoteGrid windows. When tracking many symbols it would better to keep multiple QuoteGrids in a single tabbed window. Three existing MT alternatives to tabs that I can think of are not optimal : 1) Minimizing/maximizing QuoteGrids is time-consuming and requires lots of mouse movement. 2) Using the dashboard to bring-to-front / close requires the dashboard to be open, which takes screen real estate. It is also slow. Finally, it does not allow minimizing - only closing - which shuts off data for that QuoteGrid. 3
  3. Sometimes a user enters a "new" symbol into a watchlist but the QuoteGrid already has it. Currently MT makes a duplicate entry. There is no check made for these, so they just become part of the list. For a QuoteGrid with a large number of symbols, this can become unwieldy. Should there be a check to disallow duplicates ? Or alternatively, an easy way to find them and remove them ?
  4. I need to track min/max values of bid and ask over a specified period (typically 1hr), as an indicator on intraday charts. Is this something MT can do currently, or in upcoming release ? Also, I would like to add these values as columns in the QuoteGrid. Are custom QuoteGrid fields coming soon ? ( Similarly, some people may want to have max volume, or min / max of "indicator X" on charts or in the QuoteGrid )
  5. Right now I use TDA for US stocks and Stockwatch for Canada. As it stands, MT requires separate QuoteGrids for Canada and US stocks. BUT many Canadian stocks trade in the US. It would be far better to put them in the same QuoteGrid, where related symbols can be adjacent. Could you add this feature ? How this may work: User specifies a "default" feed. This can be any feed, delayed or real-time. As the name implies, MT uses this by default, for symbols that do not have a suffix. User may also specify a "preferred" feed for symbols with specific suffix. It overrides the d
  6. Please add this to your todo list: Enable user to hide (exclude) rows in QuoteGrid, without deleting symbols; MT would need a way to view hidden rows. See screencap of Intuit's Quicken software for how this may work. More generally, enable user to specify criteria to filter the QuoteGrid, and display only rows that meet those criteria. Filter can be turned on/off; ability to save filter criteria would be great. This can be modelled after Excel's Data/Filter functionality. Example criteria: MarketCap < 500M, MarketCap > 150M, AvgVol < 100,000, Ch% > 3.00
  7. Currently, there is a small status indication in the "Data Sources" part of MT Dashboard, but there is no way to know how far along a multi-symbol backfill has gotten, and how much more may remain. I'd like a more informative progress indicator, maybe in its own window. It could even have a button to allow user to cancel a backfill in progress. If not in its own window, maybe in the status area of the QuoteGrid from which the backfill was requested? Also - a question - when I do a "Backfill All", does it backfill ALL PORTFOLIOS, or just the portfolio corresponding to the window on whi
  8. Please enable multiple symbol selection in QuoteGrid, and add cut/copy/paste to right-click context menu. Consider this proposed functionality : 1) I am in Portfolio1 QuoteGrid, and I select one symbol by click, or multiple symbols (by ctrl-click) ; 2) I right-click and now have the (new) ability to copy these to clipboard (or delete/cut them from QuoteGrid); 3) I move to Portfolio2 QuoteGrid (another portfolio window) - and I can paste symbols from clipboard to QuoteGrid. Thanks for considering these suggestions.
  9. I use Stockwatch and I monitor some lower-liquidity stocks. In some cases I see quotes reported with a High, but no Low price (and no Open) - this is probably a Stockwatch problem, however MT does introduce a little bug in that the Range (calculated from the High-Low) uses 0=Zero for the missing low and is thus incorrect (range should be 0=Zero). See example in below screencap:
  10. Hi, I am monitoring some US stocks in premarket with TDA feed and I see some issues in the QuoteGrid. 1) Stocks with NO volume yet in today's premarket (FBGX) show "leftover" data from previous day: Open/High/Low/Close/Volume/#Trades/Avg Trade,Gap,Range. Should be blank until first trade of current session ? 2) Stocks that DO have volume in premarket do not populate the #Trades column (AAPL, BABA, etc.). Should show # of trades that occurred in premarket ? 3) Market Cap and Shares Outst. fields are zero for all stocks except FBGX in this example. See screencap here: R
  11. For streamed tick data, please add a counter to track the number of changes to the BID and ASK quotes. For each stock this counter resets at the beginning of a trading day, and increments on every BID or ASK change event. Alternatively, you could have separate counters for BID changes and ASK changes. It is analogous to but not the same as the number of trades. This counter would be helpful to analyze the less liquid stocks that some of us specialize in. Thanks !
  12. Hi, Could you highlight a stock is x-dividend on the day that this happens, similar to the way you have a light-bulb for news? Maybe a little red X can light up (until clicked on) just to the right of the symbol, when the stock is x-dividend. This can be very useful ! Thanks
  13. QuoteGrid Replay would be useful, to do forensic analysis of multiple instruments. MT would allow the user to explore the recent past in the QuoteGrid (using 1s resolution data derived from ticks) and view last/bid/ask quotes using either a slider or cursor keys to step back and forth in time, just like you can do now on a charts and RawData windows. (MT would still capture quotes into the database if the feed is started, but the QuoteGrid would switch to "replay view" mode) Can it be done? Thanks for all the great work done so far.
  14. Currently the quotegrid can highlight bid/ask changes. The highlight remains until there is an opposite change, and this is visually distracting. It would be better if the user could specify a time interval after which the highlight disappears, so only "new" information is shown. Thank you.
  15. Is there a simple way to copy the layout of columns from one quotegrid to another?
  16. I find it useful when scanning a large set of symbols to mark a subset for further analysis. Could you add a feature where right-click and/or hotkey will instantly add current symbol to a new watchlist ? Also, could you allow symbol selections (single or multiple) to be copy/pasted from the QuoteGrid?
  17. When selecting a new row in quote grid by mouse-clicking in columns other than symbol, MT does NOT correctly "select" new symbol. I.e. the row gets highlighted, but linked symbols do not work (no change to the selected symbol in charts or L2 or Raw window)
  18. Hi, would it be possible to add a control to pause/resume the auto-sort of Quote Grid without stopping the streaming quotes? (When working with a large number of symbols that change in real time it is difficult to focus on what is happening with a particular symbol or group if things move around.) Thanks
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