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Found 4 results

  1. I would like to put in a request to have alerts as an option on indicators. I am not a coder / scripter and I think this feature would be easy to implement in the lines of something similar to a trend line. I am specifically making this request for bollinger bands as many people use them. It could extend to other indicators as well. For BB you could have an option for when the price closes on the windowed time frame an alert would go off. Thanks
  2. the center of gravity is missing the setings for the signal. i am moving from quote tracker this is the example. if ((Bar High > Bar High[4]) and (Bar High > Bar High[5]) and (Bar High > Bar High[6]) and (Bar High > Bar High[7])) and (Center of Gravity(7,1.5).Main <= Center of Gravity(7,1.5).Signal[1]) and (Center of Gravity(7,1.5).Main[1] > Center of Gravity(7,1.5).Signal[2]) set color to $00E3E3 the problem i have is how do i put the signal or there is something else i can use. Thanks Salvatore
  3. It may be personal taste but... MACD histogram should be shown as bars, paired up with the candle (or at least, the option thereof). The full fill also makes the MACD lines difficult to see. The histogram should be scaled down so the lines are more visible. I have added two snapshots of TSLA 5-min today, one from MT one from IG. http://forums.medvedtrader.com/index.php?/gallery/image/6-/ http://forums.medvedtrader.com/index.php?/gallery/image/5-/ I actually find IG's image much easier on the eye. Thanks.
  4. Wondering if there is anyone that uses this type of indicator. I would really like to be able to have this plotted automatically. I've been using it and find it very useful as it gives me an set indicator of what the market is likely to do. It's a set useful indicator you can use throughout the day, which I use for for the daily index chart.
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