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Found 4 results

  1. A little different request - related to pairs. Currently MT supports ratio (relative) charts but only line charts. I would like to plot ratio Bar charts (historical and intraday). Like so: Thanks.
  2. An idea for a powerful / easy-to-implement new feature: Please add a new table for the user to create / select / analyze pairs of related securities. The table would have two columns, each column being assigned a pushpin color. Selecting a row in the table will select the corresponding symbol pair which (through symbol-linking) will load data into the relevant charts / data tables. Example: Column1 (Red) Column2 (Blue) SPY KO GDX ABX QQQ AAPL An alternative implementation allows independent pushpin
  3. It would be useful for analysis of options & warrants to have a column for time-to-expiry (in days). Another useful column is "leverage" : Leverage = delta(option) * price(underlying) / * price(option) ex: delta = .35 ; stock price = 5.00 ; call option price = 0.25 -> leverage = 0.35 * 5.00 / 0.25 = 7.00 Example table with info likt thiis: http://www.financialpost.com/markets/data/group-warrants.html It would also be nice to be able to import the above table into MT for analysis and trade idea generation.
  4. QuoteGrid Replay would be useful, to do forensic analysis of multiple instruments. MT would allow the user to explore the recent past in the QuoteGrid (using 1s resolution data derived from ticks) and view last/bid/ask quotes using either a slider or cursor keys to step back and forth in time, just like you can do now on a charts and RawData windows. (MT would still capture quotes into the database if the feed is started, but the QuoteGrid would switch to "replay view" mode) Can it be done? Thanks for all the great work done so far.
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