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Found 14 results

  1. add columns short date and short time columns i.e 26th and 8.13am full date is too wide
  2. Hello, I have my news alerts set up correctly and i see the alerts but when I try to view the news articles nothing is showing for Yahoo or Google. How do I fix this?
  3. Hello, Is there a way to mark all unread News headlines as read for one stock without right clicking on each one? Can all light bulbs be cleared in a portfolio without clicking on each one? Thank you, LW
  4. use google and yahoo for news portfolio symbol P rt click ->news get news for PPP and some for P
  5. Hi, can you add a context menu option to erase older headlines from the All-News headline list? Example: "Erase Older Headlines" would remove all headlines earlier than the one currently selected. (It is cumbersome to have to go back to the Dashboard and select a smaller number of days to accomplish this, and I prefer to keep a longer history for review- until I am ready to clean things up.) Thank you.
  6. Hi, I notice that when I use reading pane to read news, the focus transfers to the browser in that pane. This makes the scroll-wheel on my mouse unable to scroll through the headlines. It also disables the keyboard from interacting with the headline list, so Up/Down,PgUp/PgDn etc. no longer work. I can get around this by first single-clicking again on the headline, but would prefer not to have to. Can you bring the focus back into the headline list right after the news item is loaded into the reading pane browser? Also, when the focus is on the reading pane, I notice that not
  7. Hi, I ran into an issue when reading news items with the reading pane enabled. Some news headlines have URLs that point to documents which require an external viewer, such as .PDFs. With the reading pane enabled, the action of "reading" such items causes a modal "file open" dialog to open behind the news window, hidden from view. To the user it seems that the action of reading the news item has failed. (invoking the external browser does not cause this problem, as the external browser usually has a plugin for handling .PDFs) In the screencap below I show the dialog, after I moved t
  8. Hi, it looks like the Symbols listed for Canadian stocks in news headlines coming from Google news source contain character codes instead of being properly formatted strings. See screencap here: so instead of [symbol]:CA, MT shows TSE%3a[symbol] I'm not sure if you will convert the pattern "TSE:" to mean the MT format for Canadian stock, but at least you can replace the ASCII hex with the actual ":" character. Thanks.
  9. Hi, please consider the following: it should be possible to read news headlines in the news window instead of invoking the external browser. (i.e. add a reading pane to the news windows, both "All News" and "Symbol News".) It should even be possible to have the news item retrieved automatically when a headline is selected. This wouild be time-saving and also would use less screen real-estate. (you can retain the option to invoke the external browswer, for those that prefer it.) Thank you.
  10. I am trying to use the symbol-link in the All News window, so that I can quickly pop up charts of symbols that have news of interest. But it seems in MT the "pin" is currently greyed-out and unusable. Can I do something to enable it?
  11. Please add filters the All News window using a simple RegEx (Regular Expression) ruleset, to enable zeroing-in on news items of interest. Example1: filtering Headlines with the regex string "earn[ing|s]" (without quotes) would selectively filter all news items that contain the words "earn", "earns", or "earnings". Example2: filtering Symbols with the regex string "*:CA" would select only Canadian Exchange symbols Thanks
  12. For the Symbol News window, please add a "last news time" field and populate it with the dateTime of the last news item for each symbol; also make the list sortable by that field, so we can see which of the symbols have the latest news. This is better than scanning through the list of symbols to look for a lightbulb. It is also different from the "all news" list which always keeps the most recent news at the top - the symbol news window should be sortable either by symbol, or by news time. Thank you.
  13. I don't remember if this was the case in earlier versions, but the behaviour of MT may cause loss of information to the user. Normally, clicking the news indicator light-bulb next to symbols brings up the corresponding symbol's news window. However, (possibly inadvertently?) clicking on the symbol instead (not the lightbulb) turns off the lightbulb. The user must then remember there was news for that symbol. This loss of info also happens when switching symbols with the cursor keys, but NOT when clicking in any other column in the QuoteGrid other than the symbol column.
  14. I'm not sure about other news providers, but Stockwatch has 1yr worth of past news bulletins for stocks. The URL for that is something like this: http://www.stockwatch.com/News/Search.aspx?wire=0&symbolchanges=Y&region=C&symbol=[symbol] Can you make that accessible from the news pane by right-clicking on a symbol ? It is disconcerting to see "No news for [symbol]" when there are in fact lots of past news releases available. Thank you.
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