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Found 11 results

  1. Just added #Options trading for #Robinhood !!! Just updated for all setups. Select FILE/HELP => Check for Updates and let MT update all files, and then restart MT. https://medvedtrader.com/robinhood
  2. Add google finance options data feed for options form
  3. Multi-leg order entry would be useful for options spread traders. While single leg trade entry has similar results at times, other times it is materially worse. Spread-entries often benefit from price-improvent and/or margin relief, relative to the same position entered by one leg at a time. Some positions are even impossible to enter without spread order entry, due to account restrictions or market conditions. Three examples to illustrate: Example for price improvement--enter long in an SPX option(min tick size is $0.05): If the ask is $0.05 and the bid is $0.00 then the
  4. on form click 1 next to strike heading. get minimized list of exp dates in heading click save as default does not save setting reverts to maximized list of options
  5. For stock MU the option for 30.50 is missing and all strikes with .50 only shows even dollar strikes, probably a google feed problem
  6. Watching unusual options activity on WDC today. Reported at iHub the volume I saw at three strikes. After the close, two of the strikes remained as showing high volume, but the third one did not. So ... I thought maybe I made a mistake, so I checked volume at E*Trade. Well, their numbers agreed with mine, but not MT. WDC according to my earlier numbers and verified at E*Trade: $77.50 1,278 $80.00 1,451 $82.50 1,259 MT numbers: $77.50 27 $80.00 1,451 $82.50 1,259 Changing the source of the data made no difference. The serial number o
  7. in a portfolio with an option the value is priced on the 'last' whereas its normally price on the bid. you cant get the last price if you want to sell. you may get half way between the two if you are lucky
  8. No options quotes on M_Trader today for MU from TDA. Do get stock quotes for MU. Just blank for options. All other 2-letter (and longer) symbols work. Just MU doesn't provide options quotes. Don't get MU options quotes from Yahoo either. All other symbols I tried worked. Called TDA, and their feed works as far as they can tell, and they tried two different platforms. So far, seems like an M_Trader problem. However, it did work yesterday. Now going to try re-boot and see if that works. I hope it doesn't because that would make it difficult to find the problem
  9. QT have a feature for the top 10 most active options from the tools menu. Does MT have something similar?
  10. I notice when I try to display an option chart, it will not give any price action prior to the time in which I open the chart. I have accts at both Thinkorswim and MB Trading. I've tried setting each data source as default source but it doesn't matter which one I choose, I encounter this issue regardless. I've also tried right-clicking and choosing to backfill but that does nothing. Maybe I am not doing something correctly. I am including a screenshot of a chart that I opened and has built 3 bars. If I open an option chart then it will just show price building 1 bar and
  11. It would be useful for analysis of options & warrants to have a column for time-to-expiry (in days). Another useful column is "leverage" : Leverage = delta(option) * price(underlying) / * price(option) ex: delta = .35 ; stock price = 5.00 ; call option price = 0.25 -> leverage = 0.35 * 5.00 / 0.25 = 7.00 Example table with info likt thiis: http://www.financialpost.com/markets/data/group-warrants.html It would also be nice to be able to import the above table into MT for analysis and trade idea generation.
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