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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I have this problem since the beginning with MT. Curiously on QT I never had it. However before it was not so obvious, so i could live with it. Lately, since about two - three weeks, it's worst than before, and, I really can't say what is correct, the streamer or the Level II. On the screenshot below, you can see that on the Streamer, the Bid Size on PASO is 87.000, and, the Ask Size 53.400. Then you look at Level II, and the Bid Size is 443.200 + 87.000 = 530.200. The Ask Size is not 53.400, but, 495.225. I am using TDA feed for the Streamer and for Level II, so I
  2. The raw data window can "filter" what is displayed so you can optionally see just trades or blocks. Could you use that setting to also filter what is shown on the intraday charts? (e.g. display charts of only block trades) This would be very handy to eliminate visual noise due to oddlot trades. If more than one raw window is symbol-linked to an intraday chart or charts, you could plot values according to what is in each of the raw windows. Thanks for considering.
  3. An idea for a powerful / easy-to-implement new feature: Please add a new table for the user to create / select / analyze pairs of related securities. The table would have two columns, each column being assigned a pushpin color. Selecting a row in the table will select the corresponding symbol pair which (through symbol-linking) will load data into the relevant charts / data tables. Example: Column1 (Red) Column2 (Blue) SPY KO GDX ABX QQQ AAPL An alternative implementation allows independent pushpin
  4. Hi, Currently up/down arrowkeys scroll the Raw Data window. If it is trace-linked to charts, the cursor in corresponding chart(s) follows the selected row in the Raw Data window. All good ! But the reverse does not work - i.e. if I select a chart, I can not use the arrowkeys to move through the bars; yet, moving the mouse does move the trace, and this is tracked in the trace-linked Raw Data row selection. Why the asymmetry? I.e. could you enable up/down arrowkeys for precise trace control while inspecting a chart? (I think I may have asked about this before but I cannot rec
  5. Currently with Trades or Blocks selected to filter Raw Data, the bid/ask is frozen to what was last updated with the corresponding trade. It would be nice if you could continue to update the realtime bid/ask in the raw window even when no trades occur, because less active stocks may have changing quote with no trades. (yes, this info is already available in the quote grid, but there it can get visually suppressed by the large amount of other info present. If you select "None" for Raw Data filter, you do get to see the most recent bid/ask, but the trades can quickly scroll off.) T
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