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Found 12 results

  1. need to change all sound file for below alerts only I could rename the new sound mp3 file to the one in the alert box . any way of exporting/import alert table ?
  2. The alert form updates fine when selected form a portfolio but when we get an alert it takes a long time for the stock price to fill, in the order of 10 to 15 secs.
  3. add column to alert log that has the price adjust box saves clicking and opening alert form and adjust from there, too many clicks.
  4. have alert PINS below 23.95 on last stock is at 24.80 gives below alert Thursday, April, 18, 19 3:06:20 PM PINS Price Below PINS @ 23.75 Hit or went Below 23.95 18.50 the one line has a bid at 23.75 the alert is on last though. so not selecting on last at 24.93 which would not give alert. Thursday, April, 18, 19 15:06:21 24.93 24.92 24.93 200 Thursday, April, 18, 19 15:06:20 23.75 24.92 24.93 200 Thursday, April, 18, 19 15:06:20 24.92 24.92 24.93 100 Thursday, April, 18, 19 15:06:20 24.92 2
  5. I would like to put in a request to have alerts as an option on indicators. I am not a coder / scripter and I think this feature would be easy to implement in the lines of something similar to a trend line. I am specifically making this request for bollinger bands as many people use them. It could extend to other indicators as well. For BB you could have an option for when the price closes on the windowed time frame an alert would go off. Thanks
  6. Would it be possible to add the Alert function to Trendlines drawn on indicators? It may be a lot of coding, so for an initial code release, the alert would sound if any unhidden indicator line crossed above or below the trendline. Follow up code release would include a setting to allow the user to configure the specific indicator line (eg, on a MACD indicator, the MACD line versus the signal line; on ADX, +DMI versus -DMI versus ADX lines).
  7. trailing alerts working from previous day by the look of it and not last low from a high
  8. minor same alert set on portfolios if stock is repeated in portfolios then as many times repeated will get same alert duplcated
  9. Jerry, Intraday Trendline Alerts were a big leap in making day to day trade tending 100X easier. I like the way it works! To make the process complete though, we really need the ability to bounce out Alert Notifications texts to our smartphones (like QT did). Invariably, I am in ... the bathroom, a conference, a take out run, distraction X, etc only to return to find I am a trade behind again. I bet there are a number of folks that could use this to convert face palms to high fives . Best regards, Bruce
  10. Just wonder if it is possible to add moving average (MA) to the alert type and allow hourly and daily MAs to be used in parameter setting, such as percentage difference between 1) stock price and MAs, 2) longer period and shorter period MAs (ie 200 period and 50 period or 20 period MAs). Also it is highly desirable to add a MA based filter in the screener.
  11. In QT, there was an excellent "trend-price alert" system. So whenever the close of the chosen period crossed (above/below) a certain threshold an alert was triggered (popup, audio, etc.). That alert could also be triggered via indicators, paintbar, etc. Can I suggest you add a similar tool in MT? Thanks for reading!
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