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Found 10 results

  1. I have 2 watchlist each with just under 500 symbols. S&P 500, and another with stocks not in the S&P 500 that I like to watch. Both of these are fed from TD Ameritrade for a total of 948 as it shows on Sources. I have the boxes checked to automatically backfill intraday and historic charts. Each morning when I load up MT I connect it to TDA and IB TWS for futures trading and stock trading. I use TDA as feed and backfill for stocks watchlist. At 8am when I turn load MT I push the backfill button on the SP500 and it goes for about 10 seconds then stops (using TDA as backfill). Then I push the button for backfill on the other watchlist and it goes for about 5 seconds. I see this from watching the Sources window on MY Dashboard window. Also if I send a symbol to trade with Ctrl+T it will not backfill I waited for 1 minute and then I have to right click and Backfill. I was leaving my PC on 24/7 to fix this as I tried to figure out if it was something on my end. Today I have come to the conclusion it is a bug. If not then I have no idea how to get it to backfill work properly anymore. This was not an issue previously with MT.
  2. One window backfills, the other does not
  3. TD Ameritrade Backfill has problem with data 1 hour off since DST (not including current day). Issue was reported and they will fix. Meanwhile, we fixed it in MT - select FILE / HELP => Check for Updates. Let MT update everything then Restart MT (even if nothing got updated)
  4. Futures & FOREX with TD Ameritrade datafeed are now supported in the new beta: https://medvedtrader.com/beta
  5. Hi, I was wondering if there are any noted current issues with backfill. Normally backfill is lightning fast updating all symbols. When I tried using it Friday and today, it's now acting very slow/sluggish taking minutes to process where prior it took seconds. Stocks process slow but completed. I had to initiate backfill on the chart directly in some cases for futures data. My data sources are IB, Ameritade, Tradeking, and Yahoo finance. This is the first time I'm experiencing such a slowdown. Update: This is the error message that was triggered- not sure if it's related: *********** 10/08/16 8:24:27 PM: MT.Util.MTErrorObj: Type=Error Severity=Medium Action=Log, ShowIndicator Code=OldOffsets Length not equal new offsets length 60 119 Message= Details=AppVer: 1.1.1700.2018 Err.Flags: Log, ShowIndicator
  6. MT is now able to get both Intraday and Historical Backfill from CommSec, starting with the lastest beta: http://www.medvedtrader.com/beta
  7. Hi, JM! A request for hotkeys to go on your to do list when you have the time please. Backfill would be the most useful to automate the process with a small task scheduled vbscript, then an export followed by a shutdown of MT, at the end of the trading day. Let me know what you think. Cheers
  8. Hi, I noticed today that my intraday stock charts were missing a few days (6/22-6/25), but when I clicked the portfolio "Backfill All" button, the charts would update to fill the gap. However, when I click on individual charts within the portfolio and click on that particular backfill button, the chart gaps are filled in. I'm using TD_Ameritrade as my backfill data source.
  9. With auto-backfill, switching symbols in the QuoteGrid with symbol-linked historical charts triggers a backfill. When the selected symbol has not been used in a while, the amount of data requested can be substantial, which generates lag while the backfill takes place. I am wondering if it is possible to backfill missing history for symbols in active QuoteGrid even when they are not selected. This would best be done during times when MT resource use is low. If this were done, switching to a new symbol would instantly create the needed chart.
  10. Currently, there is a small status indication in the "Data Sources" part of MT Dashboard, but there is no way to know how far along a multi-symbol backfill has gotten, and how much more may remain. I'd like a more informative progress indicator, maybe in its own window. It could even have a button to allow user to cancel a backfill in progress. If not in its own window, maybe in the status area of the QuoteGrid from which the backfill was requested? Also - a question - when I do a "Backfill All", does it backfill ALL PORTFOLIOS, or just the portfolio corresponding to the window on which I perform the action? p.s. I know I've been submitting a lot of requests and you have been very accomodating in responding - let me know if I'm throwing too many ideas your way.
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