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Found 6 results

  1. Released a new beta with Option Risk Analysis - For you option traders - check it out. This is not the final version - will be adding computations of various greeks http://www.medvedtrader.com/beta SPREAD THE WORD!!!
  2. Just released #DOM Trading in Medved Trader beta today: https://medvedtrader.com/beta Please let us know what you think!
  3. http://www.medvedtrader.com/beta F1 in MT should have online help on PB, but we will have more coming EDIT: NOTE: the initial release last night resulted in all candles showing up red. We already fixed it and updated the beta release. If you have that issue, just download again.
  4. MT is now able to get both Intraday and Historical Backfill from CommSec, starting with the lastest beta: http://www.medvedtrader.com/beta
  5. Just released the first post-production BETA Version of Medved Trader: https://www.medvedtrader.com/www/frontend/beta NOTE: if you want to get updates of BETA versions, vs just Production versions, go to SETTINGS / APPLICATION / GENERAL. There is a checkbox midway in the settings to get Beta Notifications. We have not used that previously, but now that we have a "Production" version, we want to have the distinction.
  6. You can download the Medved Trader Install file: MTSetup.exe You need to register to use it (free), the link (open account) will be on the startup login screen, or https://www.medvedtrader.com/Trader/Reg/register.aspx ALL Input is welcome. We have already make quite a few changes based on direct end-user input. If you have any comments, questions, problems, please post here, or email us at support@medvedtrader.com Though at this point MT is pretty stable, ready for production, if you do get a popup error, PLEASE send it to us. If you click detail
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