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Found 15 results

  1. Is it possible or it would be nice to have the HL line option by stock symbol. Basically to have a range on the hist chart for some symbols
  2. I really would like to always see on the chart the price where I opened my order, and my current stoploss- & take profit prices. Unfortunately, currently on the Trading/General settings the maximum time for the filled order to be shown on the screen seems to be 999 seconds. Would it be possible to have a choice that filled orders will be never automatically removed from the chart?
  3. dasrs

    Mouse drag chart

    How can i move the chart with mouse drag? Always when i click when im trying to move the chart with mouse i will draw a trendline for example and i don't know how to turn it off and have only that "hand pointer" so i can move around with mouse like it's in tradingview or stockstotrade platform. I know i can use mouse wheel for that but mouse drag is way more intuitive and precise. And that mouse wheel dragging feels reversed. If there is option to set it in a way i want that would be amazing. All these crypto exchanges etc. are using tradingview charts(+ tradingview alone has huge user base) and people are way too used to use mouse wheel for zoom and mouse dragging. The ram usage of this platform is incredible, chrome could learn a thing or two from you guys... lol
  4. One of the unique feature I like about IB is the ability to create multiple thumbnail charts to watch interesting tickers to trade as seen below: Such feature is not yet available in the MT, unless you want to create individual charts and arrange it.. What I like about the MT is the feature to copy and paste list of symbols to create the portfolio, and display single large chart. But would love to have rather displaying it single chart but candle stick chart. Which would be amazing feature to add and will help two fold: 1: No need to create thumbnail charts for individual symbol 2: Can instantly add a list of symbols in watchlist/portfolio.
  5. Lately , charts are not showing dividends. This is a problem for me and I would appreciate it if this is fixed.
  6. Hi Medved , is it possible to add the option to customize the Chart Grid-lines style and width ,if width is not possible the line style will suffice for now ,i really liked QuoteTracker old gridlines look ,Thanks in advance .
  7. I can reduce History charts and I can reduce Intraday charts and I can even reduce the Options window, and I can expand them again one-by-one very easily as they are easily found above the taskbar. But I cannot reduce Portfolio windows. Attempting to reduce Portfolio windows turns them off completely – they disappear, in which case I have to literally go to the Dashboard and turn them back ON. Once I use the Dashboard to turn back ON a Portfolio, the Dashboard disappears, so then I have to go to the taskbar again to turn that back on so that I can turn the other Portfolio (a horizontal list of indices) back ON. How annoying is that? In fewer words, Portfolio window reduction does not work. And the Dashboard runs away at the sight of a Portfolio being opened.
  8. Not sure if this is really a bug or not, but..... Once a chart window has been opened for a minute or two, the title bar area reverts to a Windows "classic" style, which hides the QAT. Clicking on the title bar will fix the issue for a short time, but it will return spontaneously. I am using Windows 7 with Aero disabled. Example: http://imgur.com/h85KzIj
  9. CAN'T CHANGE THE FREQUENCY ############################ WHEN ##### I started noticing it yesterday, or the day before, which was shortly after I said "OK" to an automated update from the previous one to the current version 1.08 170.1018. SEVERITY ######## Medium. While this one does not crash the application, it severely limits its functionality. GENERAL DESCRIPTION #################### In the upper left corner of the (stock) chart, any (stock) chart, you can select the "Main" tab, and if you do, then you can select "TYPE", "PERIOD", and "FREQ". Well, 15 minutes ago -- and this is not the first time in the last couple of days --- this "FREQ" got stuck on its "1-minute" setting, and the "FREQ" drop down menu kept refusing to appear. HOW TO REPRODUCE THE BUG ########################### 1. Ensure your version number is 2. Open the application. 3. While the app is still loading, click on (therefore open) any of the (stock) charts you can find sitting there, minimized, in the lower left corner of your screen. 4. Once the (stock) chart is open, then in the upper left corner of the (stock) chart, select the "Main" tab. 5. Then select (or make an effort to select) "FREQ". 6. Assuming that earlier you worked with 1-minute charts, at this time you may find that "FREQ" is stuck on its "1-minute" setting, and that the "FREQ" drop down menu refuses to appear. 7. Should you find this to be true, then close and restart the application. 8. Sometimes this one time "exit and restart" is all you need. 9. At other times, if this "exit and restart" is no help, then you need to exit and restart the app, not once, but up to three times. This is all. I hope this helps. Rob P.S.: Jerry and Mike, I do appreciate the time and effort you and your guys put into designing and coding the most recent revision of Medved Trader. However, I don't have to give you any feedback, and you guys don't have to improve, re-design, or re-code anything at all. What I would like to see is that - compared to Quote Tracker - your Medved Trader becomes a better product in every shape and form. Additionally, let's keep in mind that, by definition, 'all' bug reports tend to be negative, The issue is that, as to negative stuff, it's human nature that we often fail to see the good intention(s) behind it. However, I sincerely would like to see that you will be able to sell your (new MT) software to stockbrokers such as TD Ameritrade. I would like to see that you succeed, and that your MT is better than your QT. Rob
  10. Jerry, Can you make the fonts in data boxes adjustable, or large? I'm talking about the tiny data box that appears to be glued to the top left corner of every chart. The info (i.e. the date, the time, the OHLC prices) that data box contains is tremendously important. However, what's the use of its presence, if the box and the text in it are so tiny that the user oftentimes cannot read them? What does NOT help: Neither the dark gray background, nor the bolding of the text, or the Arial font is any help. The tiny, bold, Arial text can play tricks on the user's eyes, and the user cannot tell the difference between numbers such as 55 and 66. Or between 66 and 88. What I'm trying to say here that the tiny data box, the tiny font size, the bolding, and the dark gray background are recurring annoyances, from the user's point of view.
  11. There seems to be two main approaches charts are handled: 1) Mouse wheel: scroll left/right Ctrl + Mouse wheel: zoom in / out Left Mouse click: drawing (in HGSI this is no-op) (E.g. MT or HGSI) 2) Mouse wheel: zoom in / out Mouse wheel OR Ctrl + Mouse wheel: zoom in / out Left Mouse click: drag and move the chart (scrolling in every direction) E.g. www.ig.com (stockbroker) I tend to mix up the controls (as they come in many flavours above) so I start drawing in MT more often than not. In the Chat Windows / Draw menu I would like to see a new icon "Hand" icon (which is in PDF Acrobat Reader as well) where a mouse left click would move the chart, similar to scrolling. The "Hand" should be the default.
  12. Hi I am not sure of the relevance or importance but since the last update to Version 1.0.4792.1833, when opening a chart and using the hot keys to change the chart frequency (for example from 15 min to 30 min using Ctrl+6 on the numeric keypad), I have noticed that nothing happens. Once I have clicked focus on to the actual chart instead of the title bar or ribbon, the hot keys affect the chart frequency correctly. Using the FREQ drop down affects the chart frequency correctly regardless of whether the focus is on the title or chart. Please advise when you have a moment. Cheers
  13. Hi In QT, daylight savings time zone changes were a constant problem, where it would not update charts before 11:00AM and would stop retrieving data at 2:00PM the day after (Monday) the US or AUS changed to or from daylight time (Sunday). I was interested to see how the daylight time zone change on Sunday (20141005) from UTC+10 to UTC+11 would affect MT retrieving data on Monday. Here are my findings between 10:00AM and 11:00AM on Monday. Although MT is retrieving data, it won't display the data on the charts and the charts only show Friday's data. At 11:00AM, the charts are now updating with the retrieved data back to 10:00AM. Changing the Settings for the Charts, Timeframes, Time Zone did not make any difference to the charts. Changing the Settings for the Application, General, Display Time Zone did not make any difference to the charts. Although possibly not technically a bug, it is worth posting here in the forums for anyone else who notices this anomaly after the change in daylight time zones. Cheers NB. I will post an update after 2:00PM on the status of the data retrieval.
  14. Please enter the custom Frequency 15 min ...defaults to the current open chart frequency in each session, which defeats the purpose of selecting a custom frequency. For instance, I check the 60 min frequency (Ctl+7) chart then the 120 min frequency (Ctl+0/120) chart but I have to enter the custom frequency each time I change it on any chart for each session. More useful would be a default to the last chosen custom frequency regardless of session but for all charts instead of each individual chart. Cheers
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