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Found 2 results

  1. have the option to lock all close X boxes on charts,portfolios when moving around charts sometimes hit the wrong part and close the chart pain in the neck to have to open a chart again and remember what symbol was on the chart. Unless ctrl z works on actions ?
  2. JerryS

    Close All

    Closing MT is cumbersome. Almost all software (inappropriately) allows the use of the X in the upper-right corner to close a program. QT did that, for instance. So it is a habit that everybody has formed -- and it's really hard to break. Unfortunately, MT doesn't consider a portfolio window to be the main program unit (because it considers the Dashboard to be the main program unit). And MT has gone a wee bit farther and doesn't allow closing the Dashboard, but you can hide it. As a result, for all of you who consider your portfolio window to be the main program, you have to go through the totally annoying steps of expanding the portfolio window to expose the drop-downs, then select File, then select Exit. I absolutely hate that, and so do most of you. But there is a potential solution. All portfolio windows have a Minimize All button at the top ribbon on the right side. The icon of that button is a wee bit too complex and should be simplified (eliminate one of the arrows and make the image a wee bit larger), but at least the button works and minimizes all windows with one click. Suggestion: Put another button right next to the Minimize All button, and make it function as Close All. A window could open and ask if you are sure, and that would give one last chance to backup files or change your mind. But if you click Yes, everything closes. Bingo! Problem solved.
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