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Found 5 results

  1. in settings change backup folder to xxx in dashboard goto file-> export/backup file location is not the settings folder xxx.
  2. Add column Minimized True/False many times hit the minimize on a chart and then takes a long time to find the min chart
  3. I can reduce History charts and I can reduce Intraday charts and I can even reduce the Options window, and I can expand them again one-by-one very easily as they are easily found above the taskbar. But I cannot reduce Portfolio windows. Attempting to reduce Portfolio windows turns them off completely – they disappear, in which case I have to literally go to the Dashboard and turn them back ON. Once I use the Dashboard to turn back ON a Portfolio, the Dashboard disappears, so then I have to go to the taskbar again to turn that back on so that I can turn the other Portfolio (a horizont
  4. In the MT Dashboard Windows List, the entries for Charts and Raw Data windows are shown with currently selected symbol and corresponding pushpin (for linked items). Portfolio windows are missing the info: there is a blank entry for Symbol, and no pushpin (even if the portfolio is symbol-linked).
  5. Sometimes it is difficult to bring an MT window into view, esp the dashboard. Example: with overlapping chart / dashboard windows (dashboard behind chart.) Scenario 1) Click on edge of dashboard window; nothing happens (dashboard remains hidden) Scenario 2) Click on chart; then click on edge of dashboard -> dashboard pops into view. Scenario 2) cannot always be made to happen, so I frequently use the menu "Show Medved Trader Dashboard" to restore the dashboard into view. I've also had difficulty with the portfolio windows (quotegrid) being difficult to bring into view.
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