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Found 5 results

  1. Is it possible or it would be nice to have the HL line option by stock symbol. Basically to have a range on the hist chart for some symbols
  2. Hi, it would be great to have a horizontal line that shows on the chart where short sale restriction will be triggered. The formula you could use is Prev. Close - (Prev. Close x 10%)
  3. Hi Is there a possibility of adding a feature that will give the user the ability to enter a parameter for the precise amount of the start and the end of a line to draw, please? This would also be useful for when the alert system becomes available. Thanks
  4. No doubt this is planned for the future after more pressing issues addressed. Just making note when horizontal/vertical lines are implemented that perhaps a horizontal ray may be added as well, along with minor additions to line format/configuration options. Rays: Color & style, user select price/value displayed on chart [optionally: left, right, center] toggle on/off optional: Price indicated on Y axis, same as how "last price' is currently displayed. [toggle on/off] Horizontal lines: Color & style, user select price/value displayed on chart [optionally: left, right, center] toggle on/off Vertical lines: Color & style, user select date/time displayed on chart [optionally: top, bottom, center] toggle on/off Session Breaks: Color & style, user select [currently joined function with "grids"] Freestyle: beginning & end points display value on chart [Price of the attach/end points] percent change from beginning and end point [the %change +/-] [optionally: left, right, center] [all the above can be added to a drop down menu, or check box[similar to current edit indicators right click option] [toggle on/off = select box] Thank you kindly, HK
  5. sorry, inadvertent post, didn't realize this posted please delete
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