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Found 5 results

  1. I have several requests but as a new user I am overall really enjoying the platform. These requests would just make it that much better. I hope you will consider implementing some of these requests in the future. Thank you Frequency linking on intraday charts. I have 50 small thumbnail charts that I watch and it would be nice to change the frequency of all the charts at once instead of having to do each one separately I like to capture my trades each day and like to see where I was filled on the chart but the fill arrows are so big they cover the chart itself. Any way to have the fill arrow be below the entry/exit candle instead of on them or the ability to have no arrow but just the dotted line with the capsule showing # of shares below Darker title bars/windows on the Dark visual style Ability to add padding on X-axis because the date and day of week interfere with the intraday timeframe chart early in the mornings Ability to pre-configure and save bracket orders by stop size Show Spread value in Level I quote area on Level II window/DOM Show what Exchange symbol is listed on in Level I quote area on Level II window/DOM Hovering over symbol in the chart title bar shows company name
  2. I really would like to always see on the chart the price where I opened my order, and my current stoploss- & take profit prices. Unfortunately, currently on the Trading/General settings the maximum time for the filled order to be shown on the screen seems to be 999 seconds. Would it be possible to have a choice that filled orders will be never automatically removed from the chart?
  3. I have trades in the DOM on coinbase and on the chart I have enable chart trading enabled. Under trading settings , no matter what options i have checked, I dont see any resting orders appear on the chart.
  4. Hi, I've been trying out Medved for a few days and was wondering if it has the following; 1. automatic bracket orders with Interactive Brokers -- Stop loss and take profit orders attached to parent order. 2. Previous day OHLC indicator -- Indicator that plots horizontal lines for the Open, High, Low and Close from the previous session. Preferably with the ability to select/deselect the overnight session. 3. DOM Window - Depth of Market vertical order style window found in software like Ninjatrader etc. Thanks, Stefan
  5. I am missing good trade opportunities. While set up to be a market order and qty, 100, still show limit and 1,500 shares once the buy button is hit.
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