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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, Is it possible to add a feature to save all parameters of an order entry screen as an order templates? Later, this template can be loaded in order entry, or used to execute order for active symbol by clicking a hot button. Option to assign a keyboard shortcut to a template to use as a hotkey order. I am sure you are familiar with concept, just looking for more efficient order execution. If possible, can a feature be added to calculate quantity for opening order based on % of buying power and close order position quantity based on % of open position. Thanks.
  2. I have several requests but as a new user I am overall really enjoying the platform. These requests would just make it that much better. I hope you will consider implementing some of these requests in the future. Thank you Frequency linking on intraday charts. I have 50 small thumbnail charts that I watch and it would be nice to change the frequency of all the charts at once instead of having to do each one separately I like to capture my trades each day and like to see where I was filled on the chart but the fill arrows are so big they cover the chart itself. A
  3. I really would like to always see on the chart the price where I opened my order, and my current stoploss- & take profit prices. Unfortunately, currently on the Trading/General settings the maximum time for the filled order to be shown on the screen seems to be 999 seconds. Would it be possible to have a choice that filled orders will be never automatically removed from the chart?
  4. I have trades in the DOM on coinbase and on the chart I have enable chart trading enabled. Under trading settings , no matter what options i have checked, I dont see any resting orders appear on the chart.
  5. Hi, I've been trying out Medved for a few days and was wondering if it has the following; 1. automatic bracket orders with Interactive Brokers -- Stop loss and take profit orders attached to parent order. 2. Previous day OHLC indicator -- Indicator that plots horizontal lines for the Open, High, Low and Close from the previous session. Preferably with the ability to select/deselect the overnight session. 3. DOM Window - Depth of Market vertical order style window found in software like Ninjatrader etc. Thanks, Stefan
  6. I am missing good trade opportunities. While set up to be a market order and qty, 100, still show limit and 1,500 shares once the buy button is hit.
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