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Found 5 results

  1. It has come to our attention that Microsoft Security Essentials & Windows Defender cause problems with MT. They basically cause drastic slowdowns from the first moment MT is started. Not tied to network communication, etc... Just extreme slowdown. For example, startup time for MT goes from 30 to 40 seconds to 5 minutes If you are using Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows Defender, or another antivirus or security program that is causing slowdown for MT, you will want to exclude MT from the scans. At least with MSE, it does fix the problem. If using Windows Defender, refer to the following link: https://www.medvedtrader.com/www/frontend/blog/Windows-Defender-Exclusions-CU For Microsoft Security Essentials: Open Microsoft Security Essentials Click on the SETTINGS tab. Click on "Excluded processes" Either just enter "C:\Program Files\Medved Trader\MT.EXE" in the Process names: field or click on the BROWSE button on the right side of that field and navigate to the same path. You also have to exclude the folders used by MT Click on "Excluded files and locations" Add the following folders to be excluded (NOTE: these are for Windows 7 and up. Older OS may have different locations. Email us for help) C:\ProgramData\2GK\Medved Trader C:\Users\<Your Windows Login Name>\AppData\Local\2GK\Medved Trader C:\Users\<Your Windows Login Name>\AppData\Roaming\2GK\Medved Trader I don't know if excluding a particular directory excludes sub-directories. If not, then would want to also add: C:\Users\<Your Windows Login Name>\AppData\Local\2GK\Medved Trader\Temp\Compile C:\Users\<Your Windows Login Name>\AppData\Local\2GK\Medved Trader\Temp\Update For help with Microsoft Security Essentials - excluding folders, please refer to this: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/protect/wiki/mse-protect_scanning/how-to-exclude-a-filefolder-from-microsoft/26f2810a-47fd-40d8-b35e-3740f00fce85
  2. Hi, I noticed CPU utilization goes does quite a bit when a watchlist is minimized. Does MT stop fetching data if watchlist is minimized? If so, does scanning pause as well? Thanks
  3. Seems that WebRoot is causing a severe performance issue for MT on startup. May have just started recently. I tried installing on a test machine, but was unable to recreate the issue. Only way I know right now to get around it is to disable Realtime Shield in Webroot before starting MT, then start MT, then when it fully loads, you can re-enable Realtime Shield. we contacted WebRoot and they sent us instructions on how to get the needed logs to them. If you are using WebRoot and are seeing the performance problem, PLEASE email us at support@medvedtrader.com and we will get you the instructions. That way, WebRoot can get the issue resolved. Thanks
  4. I was growing used to the speed of MT being top-notch, but lately it seems that as the day goes on, performance slows down considerably. By the time the US/Canada Equity markets are near the close, MT feels really sluggish. Switching charts is slow, and even scrolling in the QuoteGrid is laggy. I do monitor a large number (near 300) low-activity stocks, and a small number (half a dozen) of highly active ones (like SPY, GLD). My core i5 Desktop has Win7 64bit and 8GB RAM. I use a SSD for my primary drive where the data from MT resides. CPU usage hovers near 25-30% (almost entirely MT) and RAM usage grows beyond 6.7GB out of the 8GB i have. What do you suggest ?
  5. With auto-backfill, switching symbols in the QuoteGrid with symbol-linked historical charts triggers a backfill. When the selected symbol has not been used in a while, the amount of data requested can be substantial, which generates lag while the backfill takes place. I am wondering if it is possible to backfill missing history for symbols in active QuoteGrid even when they are not selected. This would best be done during times when MT resource use is low. If this were done, switching to a new symbol would instantly create the needed chart.
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