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Found 4 results

  1. I have several requests but as a new user I am overall really enjoying the platform. These requests would just make it that much better. I hope you will consider implementing some of these requests in the future. Thank you Frequency linking on intraday charts. I have 50 small thumbnail charts that I watch and it would be nice to change the frequency of all the charts at once instead of having to do each one separately I like to capture my trades each day and like to see where I was filled on the chart but the fill arrows are so big they cover the chart itself. Any way to have the fill arrow be below the entry/exit candle instead of on them or the ability to have no arrow but just the dotted line with the capsule showing # of shares below Darker title bars/windows on the Dark visual style Ability to add padding on X-axis because the date and day of week interfere with the intraday timeframe chart early in the mornings Ability to pre-configure and save bracket orders by stop size Show Spread value in Level I quote area on Level II window/DOM Show what Exchange symbol is listed on in Level I quote area on Level II window/DOM Hovering over symbol in the chart title bar shows company name
  2. when portfolio is pinned the stock name appears behind the pin and is hard to read would be better 1/2 inch to right.
  3. Is it possible or it would be nice to have the HL line option by stock symbol. Basically to have a range on the hist chart for some symbols
  4. Could somebody help me what are the CFD (contracts for difference) symbols/prefixes for Interactive Brokers' feed? Thanks in advance, Alexander
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