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Found 9 results

  1. Just added #Options trading for #Robinhood !!! Just updated for all setups. Select FILE/HELP => Check for Updates and let MT update all files, and then restart MT. https://medvedtrader.com/robinhood
  2. You can now trade in MT with your #Robinhood account. Full Trading integration has been added inthe latest Medved Trader beta: https://medvedtrader.com/beta Currently Stocks only. We hope to add options and crypto once our accounts are enabled
  3. Hi, I was using paintbars and I think they're awesome. In advanced mode, I see there are functions for trading. I want to know if there is an API with details for such functions, showing parameters that I have to pass, because I was using paintbars for creating my own strategies, and it will be awesome to automate buy and sell directly on paintbars. Thanks
  4. Interesting little bug here. When trading on the charts with something that has a value LESS than 0.00001, it will automatically default to 0.00001 and will not let you add more decimals. However, when something is above 0.00001, you actually CAN add more decimals by dragging ONLY, if you try to edit the value explicitly, it will cap it at 0.00001 and you can't add more decimals or use the up/down arrows. I have attached two screenshots showing a trade with < 0.00001 (#POE.BTC:BINANCE) and one with just above 0.00001 (#XVG.BTC:BINANCE):
  5. Just getting back in after some time off and just upgraded to paid. I use IB and I'd like to do autotrading based on breakouts where i can set a line in MT and once it crosses that line trigger a buy. In that regard I'd like to set a max price. So for instance, stock is at $7.11. When it crosses $7.15 I want to autobuy but want to limit price to $7.20 so i don't get filled if it pops at, say, $7.40. Is there a way to configure the trading tools to do this? 2nd question... I'd also like to set a stop (exit) after the buy; for instance, once I buy, I'd like it to trigger a stop at $7.00. I know I can do that from within the IB interface but assume I can not do that in MT? Thanks
  6. I am in the midst of E*Trade integration. Mostly done. FYI - Trading supports stocks and options. However, keep in mind that their quotes, which we did completely separately, only support stocks. Yes, I know. But it is out of my hands
  7. vrtrader64

    New Broker(s)

    Hi, I would like to know if you can support trading through yet another Canadian broker - CIBC.
  8. I would like to create/cancel orders directly from augmented L2 display (avoid separate trading ticket window) An alternate display mode for L2 - a ladder like this - would also be very nice :
  9. Please add (as an optional indicator) display of trading activity for selected account(s) on intraday and historical charts. This is a high-value indicator now that MT has trading. Color-coded arrows (on tick charts) or small bubbles (on barcharts) can be used to show where buys/sells took place. Thanks again for the great work you are doing.
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