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Found 2 results

  1. dasrs

    Mouse drag chart

    How can i move the chart with mouse drag? Always when i click when im trying to move the chart with mouse i will draw a trendline for example and i don't know how to turn it off and have only that "hand pointer" so i can move around with mouse like it's in tradingview or stockstotrade platform. I know i can use mouse wheel for that but mouse drag is way more intuitive and precise. And that mouse wheel dragging feels reversed. If there is option to set it in a way i want that would be amazing. All these crypto exchanges etc. are using tradingview charts(+ tradingview alone has huge user base) and people are way too used to use mouse wheel for zoom and mouse dragging. The ram usage of this platform is incredible, chrome could learn a thing or two from you guys... lol
  2. Issue: cannot select / restore chart to original (200bar) period after zoom. Initial state: Working in a 200bar historical chart with valid data. Steps to Reproduce: 1) zoom into a region of chart with mouse gesture (Ctrl-click-drag) 2) attempt to restore chart period using either keyboard number shortcuts (6) or menu entry (Period: 200bars) 3) chart does not revert to selected period Workaround: Selecting 6month or Year-to-date period, followed by selecting 200bar period works. [The same issue occurs when the original period in the chart is 50bar or 100bar. Cannot directly resturn to original period after zoom]
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