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Mike Medved

Send us screenshots for web site gallery

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I am currently in the process of building MT web site. One of the pages will be a Screenshot Gallery


Please email us (to support[at]medvedtrader.com) your favorite screenshots that you think highlight well various MT's features. Can be multi-window or one-window screenshots. If you have a multi-monitor workstation set up that runs MT, take that picture too (make sure all the Coke cans are off the table :)) Please blur out all personal details from the screens - I will also look out for them and blur them out before placing the pics on the web site.


If you like, include a text blurb (not too long) that describes what's in the screenshot - to be included in the gallery.





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You got IT sir~~


InvisionBoard I have noticed lacks some things I used to interject to, I gave on "boards" and SMF I still use when needed for -simple sites- :wub:

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