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alert descriptions in popup and log



Seems to be working well with the latest version, thanks Jerry.


A couple of things would make the 'description' much more readily usable:


- Have each distinct piece of data comma separated, both in the popup and the log.  eg. bid,ask,volume,spread,etc

- Remove commas from volume, so that 100,000 becomes 100000.  Avoids confusion relating to discreet data elements. 

- Make it so that alert log can be cleared.  Latest version doesn't allow this.

- The ability to right-click/copy the log entries would be handy.  I'd like to export to Excel for analysis.





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You can specify the extra content or replace the description entirely on the NOTE tab of the alert. 


As for removing commas from volume, I 100,000 less confusing than 100000 as do most people, thus that being the default format. If you put a single letter label in front of the values indicating what they are, it would avoid numbers running into each other. 


Alert Log Clearing - will do


Alert Log Copy - will do.

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