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Global Alert, exception list



  Starting to recreate my QT setup under MT.  Slow going but I think it will be worth it.


  First suggestion, I set up a simple global 1% move alert.  Right away I get a notice for the NYSE-TICK symbol I have in one of the ports.


  Where a value fluctuates wildly all day, you wouldn't want a Global  alert to trigger. 


  So an 'exclude this symbol from future alerts'  on the popup would be a good thing to add.

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 I set a global alert for 1% moves.  Obviously, I want that to reset so the next mover is seen.


 Symbols like the AD Line and Tick clutter the alert.


 Yes, I could separate them out, and then set up a Global per port, but why duplicate the global alert for every open port (5 in my case) when a simple ignore symbol filter could be implemented.  And if I open a new port, I have to recreate the alert for THAT  one.


 Just thought, if you don't want to do a symbol exclude for some reason,  maybe a portfolio exclude for Global  would work.



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