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Dear Jerry and Mike,

I am really happy that you have made MT available. Also thanks very much for your great support on my questions.

I have used QuoteTracker in the past, and look forward to using MT.

To give back, I was wondering if you would like some support in creating or developing further a wiki/knowledge base/support section, etc?

I tend to document for myself what I learn about MT, and I am happy to document it online so other can see it.

I don't think I have the time to document everything about MT, I mean just more what I learn and the basics, in the hope that others will be motivated to add to it as well.

I am a retired professor and am comfortable about writing this kind of material.

Please let me know.


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We were thinking of doing help as a Wiki at first, then decided to go the more conventional route - the standard Windows HTML help (hit F1 while running MT to see it).

I do still have a tikiWiki set up on our site - are you familiar with it?  If you like, I can give you access if you want to put your documents in there, then we can open it to others.

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Sorry, I didn't see an email informing me that you had posted the above.....

I am not familiar with tikiWiki but I am sure it is not hard to learn...

You have helped me with issues such as the below and I would be happy to start making articles about these if it helps, as well as other info I learn as I go along...


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