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Thanks, I kept thinking level 2 only meant for stocks, didn't know there was level 2 for other things.  Speaking about which, I remember when you guys had QT before it was acquired by TD Ameritrade, you were able to add brokers like Charles Schwab, Fidelity Investments, etc. when users requested it, is that still possible now since it would seem users who are clients of those brokers can just use the data from those as well, I don't remember if it was for portfolio only or was it for level 2 as well.  

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In general, we need the broker's cooperation. We have tried Fidelity and Schwab, but no luck. Schwab may be added in the future if they add an API. Fidelity - not no traction at all.

We can add them without cooperation if someone gives us access to an account or if we have one, but that would be only for snapshot quotes, not streaming, and not trading. Because of that, we have avoided doing that. 

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I remember TD Ameritrade had some kind of limit for # of symbols when there was QT for streaming quotes as I just installed MT with a new account so I am still on the free month of Premium and noticed it can use my full portfolio instead of the one that was for TD Ameritrade which had a lot less.

I found it, it's 80 maximum symbols for streaming quotes.




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