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What settings do I use to have the sound repeat, until I shut it, as in QT, or some time transpires?

Also, I only see how to create TL alerts, but you refer to many types.  I can't find anything in the MT help file on either point.


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MT does not repeat the alert sound automatically. I don't remember QT doing that either. 

You can however do it via the alert settings.  Lets say the sound plays for 5 sec.  Set the alert to auto clear after 10 sec and leave it set to arm immediately.  It will trigger, play the sound, then after a few seconds clear and arm itself. Assuming the alert condition is still triggered, it will trigger the alert again and play the sound again.

Select ALERT EDITOR on the dashboard or click on the yellow alert exclamation point on the bottom left of the dashboard or portfolio window and select the option to show the alert editor.

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QT repeats the sound at every tick.  My settings were:

Value of Last, Timeout after 0 seconds and trigger only if crossed is blank

I think the MT repeat requires a trigger of actual crossing and resetting won't continue the sound till crossed again

QT allowed the trigger of just being above or below the price. Yes?

If a price crosses my alert and keeps going, I won't know it if I I step away for a while or other sounds in the room block out a single ding.



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