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I've been trying out Medved for a few days and was wondering if it has the following;

1. automatic bracket orders with Interactive Brokers -- Stop loss and take profit orders attached to parent order.

2. Previous day OHLC indicator -- Indicator that plots horizontal lines for the Open, High, Low and Close from the previous session. Preferably with the ability to select/deselect the overnight session.

3. DOM Window - Depth of Market vertical order style window found in software like Ninjatrader etc.




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Bracket orders are not currently supported. We plan to add that in the future

Indicators on the chart to show previous day's OHLC - you can add a Horizontal Line indicator to the chart and then in the parameters for the indicator, specify Previous day's OPEN, etc.  Whether or not it includes the extended hours depends on the chart settings, not on the indicator

DOM - we are in the final stages of development of the DOM interface. If you want to give it a try, give feedback, etc, let me know and I can enable it for your account.

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