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Symbols for indices

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the yahoo symbol for S&P 500 is ^GSPC so in MT you would enter $GSPC


Yahoo is purposely not returning data via the API for some symbols, like the various DJ symbols


Here are the ones that do work.  For others that work on the site but not the API, will see if anything I can do later. (same issue with Indian stocks)

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you would have to change it accordingly, but the format still works. The current symbol is @ESH14


@ means futures

ES is the root symbol

H refers to the month (March)

14 is the year


I actually fixed it up a bit today to work properly with European futures, like FDAX

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I have a question, where would I find the symbols for the following indices using TD Ameritrade for the quote source?   

Shanghai SE Composite Index (China)
Heng Seng (Hong Kong)
Nikkei 225 (Japan)

I have tried logging into tdameritrade.com but they don't show the symbols for the indices anywhere.    Thanks!


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