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Delayed Quotes on RBC


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I have been getting the delayed quote symbol "D" on every quote in all portfolios for about two weeks.  My account is with RBC. The actual prices seem ok now, although at times there have been variations with other real time sources.  Also, and this may be a separate issue, option prices are very sticky. Sometimes they won't change on a control-B even though the real time RBC website has long changed.

I updated the program from your website recently, and added the banking updates, but no change. I recently set RBC to "high" priority, and Yahoo and Google to "normal", but this doesn't seemed to have changed anything either.

I appreciate your taking a look at this, thanks!

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Backfill has nothing to do with real-time updates.  Is the portfolio in MT set to get quotes automatically? Button say START or STOP on top left?
Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio)
And add the the Post URL in the comment and indicate exactly which symbols are having the problem.  Do not check any check-boxes.


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