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LTC.USD and LTC.BTC intraday charts aren't updating


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extra space: it is one of 2 reasons. Either you you have extra space added on the X Axis, in which case - move the mouse over the X Axis - then click and drag to the left.

or you have the chart set to show entire day, in which case go to VIEW tab, OPTIONS and unselect "Show Entire Current Day"

as for quotes, you are not answering my questions - ARE they updating on their own on the portfolio?


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if you do backfill on the chart, it does a full backfill - probably default 10 days depending on your settings, which is extremely slow with GDAX. On Portfolio, it does update Backfill, meaning it only backfills missing data, so that is much faster. 

However, when you say the portfolio is updating, you mean with or without backfill?

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