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3 hours ago, CryptoDips said:

no isnt there a log that shows what symbols have been scanned??? Not the Alert Log...

From the text at this link I gave you earlier I would have to say no.


Running a scan on a portfolio while showing Scan Results requires that you watch the portfolio as the new data comes in and see the results yourself.

Using Scan Alerts means that you can minimize the portfolio that is running a scan and the scan will pop up the alert for you and place it in the Alert Log.


If there's a feature you want added you could request that here:


They were petty fast adding the Heiken Ashi to the scanner for you.  Best of luck, LW

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12 hours ago, CryptoDips said:

oh ok i see now so we have to add the alert trigger in the script so it will show in the log???

Yes that is correct.


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11 minutes ago, CryptoDips said:

How do I add number placeholders to the prices in level II? Because right now for crypto i only see 0.003 and I need the full price like ex: 0.0032547

Are you using the production or beta?

I don't trade crypto but think this is fixed in the beta that you can get here:


Edited by L W

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Also at this link Jerry said:

SETTINGS / APPLICATION / GENERAL - did you change he price display to: #,###,###,##0.00######

I updated new MT installs to do that but existing ones would not be updated. 




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