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Dividends and yield not correct for ETF and CEF


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I noticed last week that for an ETF on my watchlist (created as a portfolio), AMZA, MT was displaying an incorrect dividend of $2.60/yr, 29% yield - I know the real div is 52 cents/Q, and it's been that amount since inception, which is $2.08/yr 24% yield. Today I noticed the CEF DMO on the watchlist is also displaying incorrect data - shows div is $0.66/yr, 2.57% yield, while in reality current div amount is $0.225/mo, $2.7/yr, 10.3% yield. For DMO, over the last 3 months they declared a special div of 50 cents for Dec, and changed regular div from $0.235 to $0.225, so I can understand some data sources giving weird or bad data, but it should be the other way - too high because of the special div, not too low. Using Yahoo as data source gives correct yield for AMZA, but doesn't show div amount, and Yahoo does not return CEF divs or yield - so TDA is currently the problem, but when I go online to my IRA account at TDA and pull up those symbols, the correct divs and yields are displayed, which is weird - why is the data MT is getting from TDA wrong? On my Win10 box, using Ally Invest as the data source, the divs and yields are correct.

Also, something appears to have been broken by the last update - previous volume no longer shows up regardless of what data source I choose on either PC - what happened to that data - did it depend solely on Yahoo, and is now broken for good because Ally and TDA don't report that data?

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