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Chart Trade Total Order Value



Hi there!

I think it would be great if the chart trade system included a total value figure for potential orders.  All the decimal places make crypto very confusing to set up orders some times.  A quick indication of the quantity * price as a 3rd value in the little pill would be amazing.


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Hm. Ok - you know that little "info" button on the order capsule in the chart? I could add the "total: " in there. Would that be what you're looking for?


Oh and welcome to all the crypto traders. Glad someone sees value in using a real trading platform instead of the Web UIs the exchanges put out. I was amazed just how many people trade only using those.


Tell your friends :)

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Yes, that would do nicely although having it in the capsule as an option eventually would be ideal.  Basically, I would like to see the total value of the order as I'm rolling the quantity up or down before sticking it on the chart.

While you're at it (sorry, not sorry :P) maybe add that value to the order confirmation dialog as well... oh and maybe the transaction tab in account view. 

How do you guys ever get any actual coding done?  I have a feeling youre going to be very popular, very soon.  HODL!!!

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