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Charts and data feed stuck on yesterdays data


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Hi Jerry,

Yesterday and today I had to clear all data to get my feeds running for raw data and on the charts.  The watch list looked to be updating and alerts were popping up.  Once I cleared the data they started to run.

I have since quit the app but took a backup.  Can upload help->support if its still good after the restarts of the app as well. 




2018-02-01 06_33_09-.png

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I tried backfilling now with Stockwatch for ACB:CA and did not get the problem. Does this only happen if you backfill at a certain time?

if you see this again - do this please:

1) set logging level to 100 or higher - dashboard - lower right.

2) Clear the data for the symbol and backfill 

3) set logging level back to 10

3) if the issue does occur after the backfill - send me the logs via the Help menu.

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Will do.

I have only noticed/realized this yesterday and today when the markets opened.  It might have happened before and I just cleared the data without knowing.

I didn't clear or backfill anything yesterday eve or this morning before I saw it occur.  

I do have a backup that should have some logs pre clearing and backfilling.  I will email you a link to them.  I don't think I had logging up but might have.



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