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Option to modify Binance orders (8 decimal places) on chart only appears on increments of 0.00000002 BTC


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When moving the trading capsule after placing an order, if the distance moved is only 0.00000001 BTC, the option to save the order and place the modified order does not appear. You have to move the price by at least 0.00000002 BTC for the option to appear.

For example, if I place a limit order at 0.00000451 BTC, I would have to move the capsule to at least 0.00000449 BTC or 0.00000453 BTC to be given the option to place the modified order. Otherwise, moving the capsule to within a 0.00000001 BTC price range results in an order that appears to be placed based on capsule colour, but the info section reveals the original (correct) price while the capsule itself and the chart displays the new (different by 0.00000001 BTC) price.

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