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Alerts going off randomly

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Hi I have noticed at times I get a bunch of alerts when there is no reason.

For DASH:VN I have attached some screen shots of alerts that I recieved after the close today. All occured after the last trade at 16:33:36

1st 3 pics were one instance.

Last two have stockwatch trade summary later on and another set of alerts that randomly popped up, notice there are 4 at once as well.  that last pic with the 4 pop ups happened well I was looking at the alerty editor window.


Thank you,


2018-03-01 14_14_26-Main - Medved Trader - (18-03-01 17_14_26) (Press F1 for help).png

2018-03-01 14_14_33-.png

2018-03-01 14_14_38-Main - Medved Trader - (18-03-01 17_14_38) (Press F1 for help).png

2018-03-01 15_14_19-C-DASH.png

2018-03-01 15_15_48-RaymondJames - Medved Trader - (18-03-01 18_15_29) (Press F1 for help).png

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you didn't include the alert definitions - do you have 4 trendline alerts on DASH:VN for example? There can be data coming in even if it might not be recorded in the raw data. If you can get that consistently, switch to logging level 200 (bottom right on the dashboard) then clear the alerts so they will trigger again. Then when a few trigger, send me the log and relevant details (log via the FILE/ HELP /// menu

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I got the log but I do not see any problem alerts.  The ones you posted above have long been overwritten. If this is something that is easily recreated in afterhours, then switch MT to log 200 at that point, then recreate and send me the log again and send me whatever pictures needed so I know which alerts to look for.  



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